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Time for Fall Fashion

The season is finally changing!

Thank goodness because I couldn’t wait to pull out my fall jackets, jeans, and boots! It’s rare that I need to go shopping for something new which is why I always buy and keep classic wardrobe staples in my closet.


That doesn’t mean I’m not spying the seasons new trends to add to my collection!

Staying on trend is key to keeping your style– your look– and your closet on point. Plus size fall fashion has come a very long way from the days of over-sized plain black tops and mom jeans. 2015 is no different in the fashion diversity department.


Here are a few of my favorite 2015 fall fashion items:


plus size fall fashion

Writing Destructed Skinny Jeans – $49.50  Ashley Stewart


ashleystewartbooties1Lace Up Wedge Booties – $59.50 Ashley Stewart



Sole Society Capri Faux Leather Tote – $64.95 Nordstrom



BB Dakota Printed Wrap Coat – $88 Amazon


Perfect for any weather, these are great items to add to your closet. I recommend you go out and buy these ASAP before they’re gone!

Lane Bryant Wants Everyone to Know that #PlusIsEqual


Have you seen Lane Bryant’s new ad campaign that was unveiled last week during New York Fashion Week?!

In case you haven’t, here’s the commercial spot below!

The campaign is called Plus Is Equal and that’s pretty bad ass!

So whenever you’re using social media to get out your shopping and fashion frustration just hash tag that #PlusIsEqual and get your point across with ease! I could spend hours writing about this epic moment and make it the longest post ever but I’ll spare you guys…today.

Visit #PlusIsEqual for more info!


Spring Shopping Haul

I went shopping!


Everyone already knows, I’m a shopaholic, it’s serious. I should seek help…one day. Until that day comes, we all get to enjoy the fashionable or sometimes not so fashionable things that I bring home!


Lately, I’ve been slacking showing you guys the good things. Gonna have to blame that on having sinus surgery two months ago. By the way…that surgery was the single most painful thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life, nothing quite comes close.

Let’s move on to happier times, shall we?!

Instagram followers already have the jump on seeing this purchase (those lucky folks have it good!) You should follow too for some sneak peaks!

I had fun at Fashion To Figure!!

The plus size fashion goods:

fashiontofigure shopping haul


1. Andy Tribal Print Jersey Dress – $32.50




2. Love Cutout Top – $22.50 (sold out)




3. Super Scuba A-line Skirt – $28.50




4. Tube tops (spring/summer layering essentials) – $6.50




5. Dolman Double Stripe Top – $22.50



Everything you see was purchased at Fashion To Figure a plus size clothing store made specifically for us curvy girls! They have great stuff and this was my first purchase from their site. As I was getting the links for the items I bought, I noticed their new items…

Heaven help me!

I wish they had a physical store here in Michigan because no one wants to continuously pay for shipping. Even though they offer *free shipping over $75* sometimes a chick just wants a cute dress and that doesn’t add $75. But alas, Fashion To Figure seems to almost always have a discount being offered, that’s how I grabbed all that stuff you see here!

Sooo, what do you think? Did I do good?

If you’re wondering…I wasn’t paid for this post nor am I affiliated with or work for FTF. Gotta give you guys the disclosures 🙂


What To Wear For Date Night: Operation Valentine’s Day

Is it February already?

Next thing you know, we’ll be complaining about how hot it is instead of the 20 inches of snow outside! Until then, we’re getting ready for a date on Valentine’s Day!

Recently, I was asked, to share what I’d wear on a date on one of the most romantic nights of the year. Back in 2014, I put together several outfits that any plus size woman could wear on this day, flashback with me here. Date night fashion can be a tough thing to tackle, ugh the struggle.

First things first, even though this is my idea of date night fashion, here’s something everyone can benefit from…



Casual Date Night: Valentine's Day


Now, moving on to the good stuff…THE CLOTHES! Oh, and the shoes! We all have a favorite pair of jeans that make our butt look absolutely ahh-mazing so start with those and get to adding!


Casual Date Night: Valentine's Day



  • Moto-boots to strappy stiletto’s
  • A clutch to a chain link cross-body


  • Several options for tops

I think I’ve covered just about all the bases for a casual date! As I mentioned earlier, there really isn’t a need to go out and buy something new, especially when most of us already have TONS of options hiding somewhere in the closet, like me. (Blah, I really need to start getting rid of stuff! Garage sale anyone?!)

Anywho, save the money you were going to spend on something nice like, hmm, I don’t know…a pedicure maybe! Those are always nice. Plus, if the lucky guy is a great date…well, you know how that can go. (PSA: protect yourself!) 

No matter where my honey takes me (hopefully he let’s me know it’s a casual place beforehand) I’ll be set to look my best.


A Plus Size Halloween DIY Costume

It’s that spooky time again!

Halloween is fun for so many reasons. Mainly because we all get to dress up and be carefree kids again!

It’ll more than likely be chilly on Halloween here in Michigan so usually any costume that might be “sexy” or revealing is out. Especially if I have to stand outside wainting in line to get into whatever packed club/party my friends want to go to. This makes picking out a costume a very hard task.

So this year, instead of buying an already premade packaged plus size costume that sometimes doesn’t fit, I decided to DIY a costime.

Easier said than done.

Here’s my Halloween costume idea for 2014…





I’ve been out searching for weeks to find all the pieces and parts needed to make this lovely Cleopatra/Egyptian Goddess but didn’t have much luck.

Walking through the aisles of the fabric store, I hear the numbers being shouted “85, 89…” I look up from the piles of fabric to realize, they’re actually calling numbers just to get fabric! Four stores later…..I have in my possession, pieces of a costume. Maybe I should start looking in April for 2015’s costume idea!

So the search continues.

I wanted to have everything together to share with you guys so you too can make it with me.

Stay tuned and be ready to hit the streets or stay in for a party on Halloween night!

Wedding Planning with Loverly: 3 Dream Day Styles Just For You!

Planning a wedding can be stressful.

I vow to never ever experience that stress on my dream day. With the help of sites like, planning a wedding can be just as fun as pinning a pin (but better)!

My dream wedding would be a destination wedding. Sun, sand and only 5-10 people at an intimate setting. Plus, we’ll already be on our honeymoon! Who can resist that?! Clearly my idea of wedding planning is on the quick and simple side but for those of you who are looking for a much more extravagant theme, these are for you.

Here are three different scenes as the backdrop for my ideal day.  Feel free to “steal” them if you’re in the planning stages yourself!  Don’t worry curvy girls, each theme has  wedding dresses that are available in our size!


Beach Affair

Beach Wedding


 City Skyline


City Wedding

Country Chic


Rustic Wedding lets you plan your wedding right from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone! Search, save and share your favorite things for your dream day. Be warned… is HIGHLY addictive!

Back To School–Plus Size Denim 3 Ways

Pretty sure you aren’t ready to hear the words “Back To School.”

Well, I won’t apologize just yet!

If you’re in college, thinking about what to wear to class is the last thing on your mind. You’re worrying about the cost of books, semester credits, and that weird thing your roommate does in her sleep. Side note, my college roommate was a sleepwalker and totally tried to smother me with a pillow one night…she managed to wake up before my untimely death. FYI: we’re still friends but that’s neither here nor there so I’ll just move right along 🙂

Is there a better way to take your mind off all of those stressful college things than clothes?! Personally, I think not! Previously, I created a “Back To School Bag Guide”  for every type of student, better known as the “Bag” To School Guide for any budget. This year, I wanted help my fellow book hoarders with outfit ideas.

First up: DENIM! Plus size jeans (denim) don’t have to be expensive (just like everything else in the mall.) They’re perfect for dressing up, dressing down and anything in between.

Here’s three back to school looks for 2014.


Back To School Plus Size Denim: Look #1


Back To School Denim: Look #2


Plus Size Back To School Denim: Look #3
What did you think of those three outfit ideas?
All are easy to shop for, affordable, on trend, and totally suitable for going back to class! Be sure to add your own touches to make each look personalized for you. Hopefully these looks will give your brain a boost before hitting the books (definitely a lot less stressful than finals in a few months!)
Almost forgot…I’m sorry for mentioning school.

Wowcracy: Call The Tune Best Outfit Challenge #CTToutfit



A couple of weeks ago, I received an invite to participate in Wowcracys’ Best Outfit Challenge. I get a few offers to collaborate with brands, stores, and the like…some I accept and others I reluctantly turn down for whatever reason. This invite was too good to resist!


What it is Wowcracy, you ask?


Well, in short, it’s crowd funding for fashion designers. To be exact… “Wowcracy is where fashion designers and brands can constantly showcase their upcoming collections. Everyone can pre-order new creations in real time and set a new fashion trend.”


Usually, Wowcracy allows the designers to “call the tune” and the new fashion trend but for this particular challenge, they reached out to fashion bloggers. The challenge was/is to create a look for the upcoming 2014-2015 fall and winter season then post that look to Instagram. They clearly didn’t know I just packed and stored all of my winter clothes lol! On top of that, I absolutely hate taking pictures so this was a true challenge for me indeed!


Whoever wins this challenge will have the most ‘likes’ on Instagram. That means YOU, yes YOU need to get your double tap workout on and like-like-like! The pics will be tagged #CTToutfit.


Below is one of the looks that I styled for myself…this IS already posted to my Instagram feed so get to “liking” it!



Dress: Forever 21+

Boots: Marc Jacobs

Jacket: Vintage



This was totally out of character for me, I know BUT absolutely fun nonetheless! Of course, me being the clumsiest and least photogenic person I know…will have a moment in front of the camera for a change! It’s much easier being a stylist than a model (at least that’s what the voices in my head say.)


If there’s any plus size fashion designers or any type of up and coming designers out there, I’d love to collaborate for this project! The deadline is June 30th (short notice, I know) but if not this year, definitely next season we can do something fun!



Simply email me: [email protected]




(British) Plus Size Fashion Weekend – Curves Ahead!

Yes, it’s still “fashion week” and yes, the world of fashion is STILL jet setting across the globe!


What you may not know is this; while the Brits and the fashion obsessed natives traveled to London, there was also a fashion week(end) dedicated for plus size women! The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (or BPSFW for short) took place last weekend (February 14 & 15) during the first three days during London Fashion Week. This year marks the second anniversary for such a great event!


Featured designers included:


 ~ Evans ~ Remi Ray(Site Coming Soon) ~ Revelation Fashion by Jane Watson ~ 



Syreeta Badu ~ Simply Be ~ OPhee’s ~ 


 ~ Yours ~ Dynasty London ~













You bet yours truly is going to try to make it next year! I should probably start saving now for a London weekend getaway! There is nothing better than seeing all these gorgeous curvaceous bods strut down the runway!







U.S actress Hayley Hasselhoff wears a design created by Plus Size Fashion during London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014, at Vinopolis in central London, Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. (Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)











(all images above credit to AP, Getty Images & Invision)




To see more curves and fashion images from BPSFW (and those without that pesky watermark), just visit their Facebook page!