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(British) Plus Size Fashion Weekend – Curves Ahead!

Yes, it’s still “fashion week” and yes, the world of fashion is STILL jet setting across the globe!


What you may not know is this; while the Brits and the fashion obsessed natives traveled to London, there was also a fashion week(end) dedicated for plus size women! The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (or BPSFW for short) took place last weekend (February 14 & 15) during the first three days during London Fashion Week. This year marks the second anniversary for such a great event!


Featured designers included:


 ~ Evans ~ Remi Ray(Site Coming Soon) ~ Revelation Fashion by Jane Watson ~ 



Syreeta Badu ~ Simply Be ~ OPhee’s ~ 


 ~ Yours ~ Dynasty London ~













You bet yours truly is going to try to make it next year! I should probably start saving now for a London weekend getaway! There is nothing better than seeing all these gorgeous curvaceous bods strut down the runway!







U.S actress Hayley Hasselhoff wears a design created by Plus Size Fashion during London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014, at Vinopolis in central London, Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. (Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)











(all images above credit to AP, Getty Images & Invision)




To see more curves and fashion images from BPSFW (and those without that pesky watermark), just visit their Facebook page!


LFW: Adidas by Stella McCartney

London Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014





The first time I noticed Stella McCartney made workout clothes…I was watching tennis. Of all things not related to fashion unless of course you’re the trail blazing fashionistas aka The Williams Sisters. As I watched Caroline Wozniacki play, I noticed how cute her outfit was…it was sheer and colorful and it looked “wearable.” If a former world number one can play tennis in it, it HAS to be good!





That was three or four years ago, fast forward to now and the design partnership continues….


Spring/Summer 2014





photos via catwalking.com & vogue.com




London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014: House of Holland

London Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014







The set was bright and airy which totally made me feel like an upbeat spring morning (in the hood.) Kind of thinking that’s where Henry Holland wanted us to go with his Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Loose fitting dresses, lace on pants, dark lips and floral tattoos on trench coats.


 photo collagehh1.jpg




 If this is what a “sweatsuit” or “jogging suit” will look like next year….count me in!


 photo hh8.jpg



So young, fresh, and new! I wanna be a House of Holland Homegirl!



 photo collagehh2.jpg




When the wet-haired models didn’t have their flowing tresses free, House of Holland gave some a baseball hat! Um, yes please! It’s always my inner tomboy wanting to wear lace outside to play in grass and that was the icing on top of a sweet confetti filled cake!


 photo collagehh3.jpg

  photos: House of Holland


LFW: Burberry Prorsum

London Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014



After the last few years of heart throbbing collections from Burberry, I really really have high expectations. I mean, the clear colored trench coats with bags to match then the hearts, studs, and leather of this fall…who can resist those collections?! By the way, I’m STILL looking for that hard-to-find Burberry Check Whipstitch Bag! I’ve talked to stores in New York and beyond looking for that bag!


 Moving on to more things to covet…


Lace, stripes, polka dots OH MY!



London treats my fashion fix so so so well!

photos: vogue.co.uk & catwalking.com






London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Mulberry

London Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014



Soooo…this happened at the Mulberry show this week…



Yep! Bulldogs!


Could you even imagine my excitement when I saw the first picture from the show?! As a pet lover, it’s always exciting when animals and humans collide to bring us something incredible. Incredible like a runway show with supermodels and matching attire for the cutest and chubbiest best friend ever!



The collection was ok…seems like the usual style from Mulberry and that’s a great thing! If you haven’t noticed by now…I love frilly things that can be mixed with boxy things…ie. jeans! Mulberry has me covered in the outfit idea department. The next pics are my absolute faves from the show…it’s something about a pop of color that excites me!




photos via catwalking.com