Q: Are you and your blog PR friendly?

A: Yes! Always willing and ready to do a product review! My contact information can be found under the “Contact” tab which includes, email and social media contacts. 

Q: Do you collaborate on blog posts?

A: Absolutely! Fellow writers and brands are welcome to collaborate. Curves And Coffee has previously collaborated with Lucky Mag, Wowcracy, LaRedoute, and many others. I’m always open to new ideas.

Q: Do you take your own pics?

A: Kind of, well I have a personal photographer aka my mom! She’s a huge help with Curves And Coffee and encourages me to take more pics. As long as she’s up for photo shoots in the park!

Feel free to ask whatever you want!

The big fine print:

Posts and pictures on this site are copyrighted by the owner, writer and photographer.

All photos and words that are not the intellectual property of Curves and Coffee are given their proper attribution as found through research and information that accompanies the photo and words.

Please use the contact page to ask any questions and they will be answered.

Be aware that I, Rena, owner of www.curvesandcoffee.com am only one person.  I do this all by myself out of the love for helping others with advice, shopping tips and ideas.  If I cannot answer a question, I will do my best to get help.

Remember, this is for fun and entertainment! Smile!

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