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Baby It’s (almost) Cold Outside

Despite what it feels like outside, it is actually November…MID-NOVEMBER!

Eventually,  we will need a winter coat. Trust me on this. Being from Michigan, I love the fall season but I’m dreading the day we see our first frost. The best thing we can do now is to be prepared! 

Whenever those winter chill elements decide to hit us in the face, I’m here to provide a little help with your coat shopping. Finding the perfect outerwear to keep us warm can be task but don’t let that overwhelm you. You want to find a jacket or coat that you’re comfortable in, that you can actually move in and of course one that will keep you warm. In short, you want a coat to function, fit well, and look absolutely fabulous in!

 Below, I picked out several options for both style and the elements! There are jackets/coats that will keep you warm if you’re out when the sun goes down with the temp and jackets that will wrap you in warmth if it happens to snow.

Ready For the Chill



The first row of jackets (and one vest) are for those days when the chill isn’t quite chilly enough. Perfect for the days when you need to run errands but the wind may be a tad brisk. Shop these great items by clicking below…bonus…some of these buys are ON SALE! Hurry!

  1. Knit Moto Jacket ~ $74.90 ~ Torrid

2.  Faux Suede Vest ~ $64.95 ~ DebShops

3. Drexel Faux Leather Jacket ~ $58.90   ~ Fashion To Figure


For the second row of coats, these will definitely keep you warm when the wind decides to make your eyes water. These buys can last through fall all the way through the winter snowstorms. These are also on sale so head on over and pick one up!

4. 6th & Lane Parka ~ $149.90 ~ Lane Bryant

5. Oversize Faux Fur Collar Coat ~ $128.90 ~ Torrid

6. Puffer Coat ~ $72.90   ~ Fashion To Figure


Remember, if you buy something, be sure to drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook so I can see your goodies!

Back To School–Plus Size Denim 3 Ways

Pretty sure you aren’t ready to hear the words “Back To School.”

Well, I won’t apologize just yet!

If you’re in college, thinking about what to wear to class is the last thing on your mind. You’re worrying about the cost of books, semester credits, and that weird thing your roommate does in her sleep. Side note, my college roommate was a sleepwalker and totally tried to smother me with a pillow one night…she managed to wake up before my untimely death. FYI: we’re still friends but that’s neither here nor there so I’ll just move right along ūüôā

Is there a better way to take your mind off all of those stressful college things than clothes?! Personally, I think not! Previously, I created a “Back To School Bag Guide”¬† for every type of student, better known as the “Bag” To School Guide for any budget. This year, I wanted help my fellow book hoarders with outfit ideas.

First up: DENIM! Plus size jeans (denim) don’t have to be expensive (just like everything else in the mall.) They’re perfect for dressing up, dressing down and anything in between.

Here’s three back to school looks¬†for 2014.


Back To School Plus Size Denim: Look #1


Back To School Denim: Look #2


Plus Size Back To School Denim: Look #3
What did you think of those three outfit ideas?
All are easy to shop for, affordable, on trend, and totally suitable for going back to class! Be sure to add your own touches to make each look personalized for you. Hopefully these looks will give your brain a boost before hitting the books (definitely a lot less stressful than finals in a few months!)
Almost forgot…I’m sorry for mentioning school.

Friday Faves: Spring Worthy Plus Size Clothing Trends

Has winter left you feeling blue or blah?


The bulky coats….

The heavy layers….





Nothing better than shopping or “eye-buying” to get you out of that funk!


Spring shopping can be such a task for a northern girl. When you wake up to 70 degrees and fall asleep to 25 degrees…it’s not much you can buy and/or wear to prepare for such extremes. This doesn’t stop a girl from craving all things pretty though! Actually, it makes me want to hit the stores more.


My trip through the ‚Äúeye-buying‚ÄĚ mall included stops at¬†DSW,¬†Saks, and¬†One Stop Plus¬†to name a few. All have awesome deals on lust-worthy spring styles and you absolutely can‚Äôt pass up a deal! Of course my adoration for¬†McQueen¬†wouldn‚Äôt let me have a shopping trip without him! Here are a few things that I can’t wait to purchase and style when the weather finally (officially) breaks.




Just Lace IT


Just Lace IT by curvesandcoffee featuring ballet flats



1. White Lace Inset Top ~ $40 ~ One Stop Plus


2.  Skull Lace Print Back Pack ~ $1,995 ~ Alexander McQueen


3. Black Lace Inset Top ~ $40 ~ One Stop Plus


4. French Follies Zeal Ballet Flat ~ $20 ~ DSW


5. Joan & David Cutie Platform Pump ~ $90 ~ DSW


6. Givenchy Floral Lace Slip-on Sneaker ~ $650 ~ Saks Fifth Avenue



I’m currently craving L A C E!


Can you tell?


Lace is the perfect way to say “hey, I’m a girl and like to be pretty” without really having to say anything. There’s more feminine trends and wishful buys coming soon….hopefully a few of these things make their way into my closet!

The Curvy Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day Outfit: Girls Night Out or Date Night

Partying and getting tipsy with the girls or snuggling up to the boyfriend after a nice date?

Whatever your plans may be, you’re going to need a killer outfit!

Luckily for you, I’ve got a few ideas for you to choose from.

Let’s start with a night out with the boy…You can find these fabolous pieces at online stores like; :: :: and more! Simply click the photos!!

Date Night on Valentines Day

A sexy dress (perfect for this date night outfit) that’s going to hug all of your curves but still covers problem areas (if you have them of course.) Be sure to grab a coat or jacket if you’re anywhere near the 60% of the snow covered states. Keep the accessories simple, that way your honey can keep his eyes on your curves. Plus, overdoing it isn’t an option…think less disco ball and more discreet bling.

Now if you night includes dinner and bar hopping with your favorite gal pals, this outfit is for you!

Valentine's Day: Girls Night Out


This outfit choice is where you want to have a little more fun! Try new prints or different fits of your regular club clothes…this way, the jitters of wearing things outside your comfort zone won’t be a problem because you’re with your girls! Pair skinny jeans/leggings with a basic tee and dress it up with the accessories. It’s ok to brighten it up on this night.



There you have it!

Hopefully, these ideas takes away the stress of finding something to wear next weekend. Just focus on having fun!



Remember to check out these dating tips featured earlier in the week.

Personal Style Meets Trendy: Shopping for Plus Size Clothes

Personal style, do you have it?


Being a style and fashion writer comes with tons of responsibility. I owe it to you guys to share what I know about being a caffeinated curvy girl with a fashion mind. Sometimes, people ask about my own personal style… What do you wear on a date? Are jumpers ok to wear? Would you wear a jumper? and things like that. Usually, a quick answer will do but sometimes it’s much better to show than to tell.


Surprisingly, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Not that I don’t wear heels, skirts, and dresses…it’s just easier (and quicker when you’re always running late) to grab those jeans/jeggings and run out the door. The best thing you *and I* can add to a simple casual outfit to make it stylish?


Here’s a HINT: They’re a girls best friend!






Personal Style: Jeans & T-Shirt










A little sparkle goes a long way!




Of course a girl can’t be a stylish fashionista without wearing something UBER chic! Enter my idea of cutting edge! By pairing colors you’d never think would go together, you’ll have a one of a kind outfit! Don’t be afraid to try new styles and textures curvy girls!




Personal Style: Cutting Edge






The white hot sparkles featured in these style boards are via jeweler¬†Brilliant Earth. I’ve always admired this company for their conflict free diamonds. If you’ve ever joined me on¬†Pinterest, you’ll see tons of rings, bracelets, and earrings pinned from their site. Being able to purchase diamonds that are from ethically safe regions and mines is very important. Brilliant Earth makes sure the workers are well taken care of. You can read more about Brilliant Earth’s ethical practices and their effort to change the way diamonds are sourced…here.


As much as I want to share my outfits in real time with you guys, it’s just a hard task with everything going on but never fear…soon my stylish sweets…soon!




(Disclaimer: I was not paid or given goods to mention Brilliant Earth in this post nor am I affiliated with Brilliant Earth in any kind of way. I was asked to participate in a Personal Style Post for fashion bloggers who have great style.)

It Was The Winter

One day, I wore a hoodie.


The next day, I wore a thin jacket.


Today, I’m wearing a parka, hat, scarf, gloves, and several layers!


Not too sure about where you guys are but if it’s anywhere in the states, you’re probably freezing right about now! Even the southern states (which are usually in the 60-70 degree range) this time of year are experiencing frigid temps. Not to mention my friends on the west coast…they’re not too sure how to cope with “Winter 2013”, trust me…I have the text message conversations to prove it!


So what’s a curvy girl to do if she’s living in this current arctic air?


She shops for a stylish, trendy, and warm coat of course!




Meet six jackets and coats that are right on trend for whatever temps you’re facing out there…



Baby Its Cold Outside

Baby Its Cold Outside by curvesandcoffee featuring a biker jacket










Plus size fashion shouldn’t be a hard thing to shop for and that’s why I’m here! Here to help more curvy girls during times like¬†Winter Storm Dion.¬†I’m willing to do the research and shopping so you don’t have to! These plus size winter coats are curvy girl approved and ready to be the new addition to your winter wardrobe!






Ready for the weather because, “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Fall Fashion Trends: Savvy Savers Edition

Time to shop and save!


Just like last week, when we viewed some of the¬†most expensive items for the fall fashion trends, we’re going to take a look at more affordable trendy pieces.



Where can plus size women find trendsetting fashion, you ask…


Here’s the answer, trend by trend…





Where to buy


1) $35 ~ Camo Sneaker ~ GUESS


2) $25 ~ Camo Skinny Jeans ~ Deb Shops


3) $64 ~ Camo 501 ~ New Balance


4) $50 ~ Halter Maxi Dress ~ Ashley Stewart


5) $69 ~ Twill & Leather Jacket ~ Dollhouse




Where to buy (clockwise from left)


$50 ~ Multi-zip Jacket ~ Ashley Stewart


$128 ~ Harlow Biker Jacket ~ City Chic


$36 ~ Faux Leather Sleeveless Top ~ ING


$59 ~ Frill Blondie Jacket ~ One Stop Plus





Where to buy 




1) $8 ~ Plaid Leggings ~ Rue 21


2) $27 ~ Snapback Baseball Hat ~ Debshops


3) $27  ~ Destructed Skinny Jeans ~ Debshops


4) $35 ~ Harrison Boot by Route 66 ~ KMart


5) $17 ~ Sleeveless Flannel Top ~ Rue 21


6) $19 ~ Lace-Up Bootie by Bongo ~ KMart



But wait!


There’s more….


I have a penchant for expensive things but the budget of a pauper. So when it’s time for me to ACTUALLY pull the trigger and buy something, you better believe I’m making a well-thought budget conscious decision. Although, there are several items I don’t mind spending a little extra money on and those pieces are usually wardrobe staples. Think, classic and timeless but when it comes to trends…I’m definitely the cheap chic chick!






Where to buy (from left to right)


$26 ~ Mossimo Peep Toe Pump ~ Target


$79 ~ Go Grey Military Jacket by Last Kiss ~ Alight


$37 ~ Aldo Black & White Studded Satchel ~ ASOS


$22 ~ Black Moto Vest by Bongo ~ Kmart 


$40 ~ Snake Print Stilettos ~ Target





Where to buy (clockwise)


$60 ~ Military Jumpsuit ~ Ashley Stewart


$64 ~ Lulu by Lulu Guinness ~ JCPenney


$14 ~ Xhilaration Patent Pump ~ Target




Where to buy


1) $68 ~ BCBGeneration Tote ~¬†Macy’s


2) $98 ~ Steve Madden Satchel ~¬†Macy’s


3) $178 ~ Legacy Flap Clutch ~ Coach




See, it’s easy to stay on trend, in style, and on budget! Let’s thank our lucky shopping stars for stores like Target, Ashley Stewart, OSP, Macy’s, and JCPenney! If you want reminisce about the drool worthy items from last week, be sure to CLICK~~~>¬†HERE (Colors Part One)¬†and¬†HERE (90’s Grunge Part Two)


Time to go shopping!




Fall Trends 2013 (Pt.2): Splurge Worthy

Welcome to part two of the “Splurge Worthy Fall Fashion Trends of 2013.”


No need to get discouraged stylish sweets, the savvy saving fashionista in all of us will be revived for next week series. For now, it’s time to let our eyes glisten with price tag envy!


1992 called and they told us to come get EVERYTHING!


¬†Yes! The 90’s are back like they never left so if you grew up wearing tartan flannel shirts, chunky heels and loose clothes to school almost everyday (like me), this fall trend is for YOU! Even if you didn’t go through the tomboy phase…there is no time like the present.

Where to buy: clockwise

$54 ~ Studded Plaid Shirt (black & white/red) ~ Pretty Rebel

$208 ~ Wren Moto Jacket ~ Mynt1792

$119 ~ Silk Tartan Tank ~ Ralph Lauren

I’ve gotta be honest here…I never really stopped wearing plaid or army fatigue. Not all out¬†Bob Vila¬†but I’ve bought at least one plaid shirt or dug out one of my exes old shirts for lounging around. This may just be a blessing in disguise! Kudos to me for not ever completely growing out of the 90’s!

There is a new trend for 2013…a more feminine grunge; ruffles on camo, studs on plaid…you name it, it’s out there!

Where to buy: clockwise

$90 ~ Embellished Camo Jacket ~ Lane Bryant

$254 ~ Uniform Jacket ~ Navabi

$81 ~ Parka Jacket ~ ASOS Curve

$198 ~ Wool Military Coat ~ Vince Camuto

This is easy, anything with a lug sole or buckles… it! Of course, these are great to look at and own but be sure to stay tuned for the less budget breaking trends!

Where to buy: clockwise 

$1750 ~ Leopard Boot ~ Giuseppe Zanotti


$1795 ~ Camo Combat Boot ~ Valentino


$1290 ~ Miu Miu


$1095 ~ Biker Buckle Bootie ~ Jimmy Choo

Leather, leather and faux leather!

As plus size women, we have a hard time finding the fashion trends in our size but not this season! Even though most designers aren’t catering to our BILLION DOLLAR bottoms, the ones that are, have done it right!

Where to buy: clockwise

$139 ~ Leather Jeggings ~ Jessica London

$178 ~ Leather & Pointe Top ~ Halogen

$88 ~ Faux Leather Tee ~ Mynt1792


$350 ~ Night Sneaker ~ BCBG Maxazria

Relaxed and Distressed:

Whether it’s denim or harem…you can’t go wrong with these comfy on trend styles!

$229 ~ Neo Beau Distressed Jeans ~ James Jeans


$93 ~ Utility Pants ~ ASOS Curve & Plus Size


$80 ~ Distressed Jeans ~ Lane Bryant


$390 ~ Cargo Pants ~ Fuzzi

Fall Trends 2013 (Pt.1): Splurge Worthy

Fall ready looks with high price tags!


Don’t worry, we’re just looking…


These are some of my favorite designers and crazy good looks for the fall season of 2013. Totally worth $plurging on (if you have it, of course.) Let’s start off this series with something we ALL need in our closets…….





Whether you like “cool and muted,” “dark and deep” or “vibrant and bright” colors, this is the season to try them all. ¬† Jumping right into the deep end, I chose purple. Of course purple is a sign of royalty so that helps boost the confidence level a tad. Also on trend…matching your colors. I’m beyond excited for this! It’s like the old rules of fashion, match your bag with your shoes and belt!



Where To Buy: (clockwise from left)


$395 ~ Animal Print Satchel ~  Longchamp


$725 ~ Stiletto Heels ~  Gucci


$385 ~ Suede Pumps ~ Chie Mihara






$194 ~ Swirled cardigan ~ Nic + Zoe


$78 ~ Merino wool sweater ~ Halogen 


$88 ~ Pleated blouse ~ BB Dakota




If you’re not one for dark shades or not ready for fall tones just yet, try the muted pastels; dusty rose and pale pink are definitely a do for fall. Speaking of muted colors…these colors seem to be far from it! They may not be as bold or bright but they’re definitely just as pretty and chic.



Where to buy: clockwise from left


$845 ~ Rockstud Caged Ballerina ~ Valentino


$898 ~ Legacy Embossed ~ Coach


$695 ~ Ballerina Flat ~ Valentino


$1590~ Leather & bows  ~ Miu Miu







$78 ~ Embellished Sweatshirt ~ Gibson


$200 Silk Top ~ Baum Und Pferdgarten 

 $99 ~ Mersa Top ~ Baum Und Pferdgarten


$137 ~ Kiss Top ~ Baum Und Pferdgarten


(The three Baum Und Pferdgarten tops are all from Saint Bustier, a shopping site that features clothing for bustier women.)





And you absolutely CANNOT go wrong with black or white! Better yet, how about black AND white! Check out these monochrome accessories!



Where to buy: (left to right)


$795 ~ Ankle-tie pumps ~  Giorgio Armani


$1295~ Top-handle satchel ~  Michael Kors




No matter what you choose, there is no wrong answer, so feel free to experiment with your wardrobe! That’s all for now folks but be sure to check back here for the rest of the fall fashion series! You don’t wanna miss more bank busting styles and the penny saving looks to follow!