Music As Self Care: Kelly Rowland

Well hello there!


I know it’s been a looong minute since I’ve posted/updated Curves And Coffee but I’ll get into that another day  😉 (if you follow me, you’re already up to date!)


Since there’s A LOT going on all around the world and it’s weighing heavily on everyone, I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves physically AND mentally.

For me, one of my self care items is listening to music. Sometimes just being able to vibe out, listen to sweet sounds of R&B or getting up and dancing around the house to Pop or rapping along to some old school Hip Hop is all I need to sweep me away, calming my nerves in the process.

Let me stop rambling…

Here’s Kelly Rowland showing us the many beautiful shades of COFFEE



I wish this song was longer!

Lots of good music has been blessing my ears over these months of lockdown and I couldn’t be happier about that! This song and video has been out a couple months and I meant to drop it here sooner but better late than never!

So now that I’ve showed you mine, what are some of your favorite lockdown-nerve calming-self-care tips?