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Fashion at The Australian Open 2015

After two weeks of intense racket swinging, the opener to the 2015 tennis season is now down to a handful of competitors.  The Australian Open 2015 has had many upsets and surprises but its also had some AMAZING sports fashion.

As a huge tennis fan, I couldn’t wait for the 2015 season to get underway so the fashion side of things fell to the sidelines. There’s no better time to shine a spotlight on winning fashion than to showcase the player who’ve made to the quarter finals and semifinals of a grand slam!

Fashion at the Australian Open 2015 featured in this post, are Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Eugenie Bouchard, Madison Keys, Venus Williams, and their smashing colors were as loud as their swings on the court!

Australian Open 2015 - Serena Williams
Australian Open 2015 - Bouchard/Keys
Australian Open 2015 -Maria Sharapova



Australian Open 2015 - Venus Williams
Australian Open 2015 - Victoria Azarenka

Nike is CLEARLY shelling out the Lycra, Dri-Fit, and sponsorships throughout the sport of tennis but there are plenty more designers in sportswear. If you visit Midwest Sports, you’ll see many different styles and designers that create great fashion sportswear.

Maybe Nike should cut me a check for loving on these styles….hmm…just a thought.

My personal favorite, Eleven by Venus Williams is available for purchase online or visit Eleven by Venus Williams to find a retailer near you. I’m a fan of clothes that are designed by a real person who not only plays the sport they’re designed for but wears the line during tournaments throughout the year. It’s like a plus-size woman designing clothes for other plus-size women…it just works. They understand how the body moves.

Bright, brighter and brightest seems to be the way to go for sporting the latest fashion while breaking a sweat and I’m very okay with that.

Bring on the day glow fluro!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2014

merry christmas and happy holidays

Just wanted to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!


I’m still recovering from surgery but that didn’t stop my Christmas cheer or my obsession with the holiday add-ons from Pixlr!!





Everything should be back to normal once the new year comes around….fingers crossed! Til then, be safe and enjoy these festive times. If you need me for hugs….I’m always available!

A Plus Size Halloween DIY Costume

It’s that spooky time again!

Halloween is fun for so many reasons. Mainly because we all get to dress up and be carefree kids again!

It’ll more than likely be chilly on Halloween here in Michigan so usually any costume that might be “sexy” or revealing is out. Especially if I have to stand outside wainting in line to get into whatever packed club/party my friends want to go to. This makes picking out a costume a very hard task.

So this year, instead of buying an already premade packaged plus size costume that sometimes doesn’t fit, I decided to DIY a costime.

Easier said than done.

Here’s my Halloween costume idea for 2014…





I’ve been out searching for weeks to find all the pieces and parts needed to make this lovely Cleopatra/Egyptian Goddess but didn’t have much luck.

Walking through the aisles of the fabric store, I hear the numbers being shouted “85, 89…” I look up from the piles of fabric to realize, they’re actually calling numbers just to get fabric! Four stores later…..I have in my possession, pieces of a costume. Maybe I should start looking in April for 2015’s costume idea!

So the search continues.

I wanted to have everything together to share with you guys so you too can make it with me.

Stay tuned and be ready to hit the streets or stay in for a party on Halloween night!

Celebrate National Coffee Day (Night) with Sobieski Espresso Vodka

What better way to celebrate National Coffee Day than with National Coffee Night?!

Yes, our favorite drink is taking us from day to night with a java twist!

Sure there’s your regular cup of Joe but it’s a holiday so let’s spike it up a notch!


 The kind folks over at Sobieski  Vodka, sent over a sample of their espresso flavored vodka and a great cocktail recipe!

The recipe includes…

  • 2 oz. Sobieski Espresso Vodka
  • 1 oz. Kerrygold Irish Cream
  • 1 oz. Chocolate liqueur
  • Add all liquid ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass.

With me being under the weather, I couldn’t fully enjoy this cocktail like I wanted to. Meaning, I couldn’t down the martini glass in two seconds then smash a beer can on my forehead. BUT. What I  could do, twist open the Sobieski bottle and enjoy the aroma of sweet coffee.





Once the irresistible scent of espresso came over me, there was no way I could resist taking a sip (or three) don’t tell my doctor!

Now, with me being the coffee lover that I am, this delicious vodka espresso flavored vodka will get a new twist….caramel! Can’t wait to try that mix!