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Wowcracy: Call The Tune Best Outfit Challenge #CTToutfit



A couple of weeks ago, I received an invite to participate in Wowcracys’ Best Outfit Challenge. I get a few offers to collaborate with brands, stores, and the like…some I accept and others I reluctantly turn down for whatever reason. This invite was too good to resist!


What it is Wowcracy, you ask?


Well, in short, it’s crowd funding for fashion designers. To be exact… “Wowcracy is where fashion designers and brands can constantly showcase their upcoming collections. Everyone can pre-order new creations in real time and set a new fashion trend.”


Usually, Wowcracy allows the designers to “call the tune” and the new fashion trend but for this particular challenge, they reached out to fashion bloggers. The challenge was/is to create a look for the upcoming 2014-2015 fall and winter season then post that look to Instagram. They clearly didn’t know I just packed and stored all of my winter clothes lol! On top of that, I absolutely hate taking pictures so this was a true challenge for me indeed!


Whoever wins this challenge will have the most ‘likes’ on Instagram. That means YOU, yes YOU need to get your double tap workout on and like-like-like! The pics will be tagged #CTToutfit.


Below is one of the looks that I styled for myself…this IS already posted to my Instagram feed so get to “liking” it!



Dress: Forever 21+

Boots: Marc Jacobs

Jacket: Vintage



This was totally out of character for me, I know BUT absolutely fun nonetheless! Of course, me being the clumsiest and least photogenic person I know…will have a moment in front of the camera for a change! It’s much easier being a stylist than a model (at least that’s what the voices in my head say.)


If there’s any plus size fashion designers or any type of up and coming designers out there, I’d love to collaborate for this project! The deadline is June 30th (short notice, I know) but if not this year, definitely next season we can do something fun!



Simply email me: [email protected]




Favorite Bag Friday! (I’m feeling a little Lucky)

Have you guys just been dying to see the bag I won from Lucky Mag?! If you haven’t, trust me, I’ve done enough waiting and biting of my nails for ALL OF US!!

To catch some of you stylish sweets up (in case you missed it): I was invited to do a “Contributor Challenge” on a few months back for Seventh Generation. The purpose was to test out their new face serum and write a blog post that embodied “Natural Style Secrets”…you can see the original post here on Curves And Coffee or on the contributing section of Lucky Mag.

Of course, I didn’t expect to win anything, I just simply put my best foot er face forward and took a leap! Thankfully, you guys are the best readers/friends a chick could ever have! Without hesitation you shared, voted, and encouraged me to continue and for that, I am forever grateful.

Now to the good part…

I got an email in October, telling me I won the contest but me being the pessimistic cautious person that I am, there was some research and Googling going on before I believed the email. So after making sure everything was legit, signing an affidavit, getting it notarized, scanning it, emailing it,  then mailing said affidavit (yes, it was that serious…) Now, my expectations weren’t high at all. I was expecting a small clutch or cross body bag but…


At this point, I was literally hyperventilating trying to get through the tissue paper and remembering to take pics (blogger problems)

Nope! Our eyes aren’t playing tricks on us!

That/this is INDEED a leather MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Chain Tote

(as seen here in black)

How I wore it:

Messy top knot, fuchsia lip, cat eye and grunged down…all the way down!

I took this pic while on my way out and running fashionably late (as usual…sometimes 😉 so never mind the pure look of “hurry up and take the pic” on my face!

The Details:

Camo Jacket (at least 10 years old so I couldn’t tell you how much it was!)

Lords Of Liverpool Tank ~ California Republic ~ Nordstrom ~ $38

Jeans ~ Debs ~ $16

Moto Buckle Boots ~  Dirty Laundry/Chinese Laundry  ~ (bought last year) ~ $89

And of course…THE BAG

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote ~ $298 ~ Gifted!

(see after a little filter magic…)

So, what does a “Social Engagement Winner” do? She engages with her social networks on a daily basis….I love you guys so of course I’m gonna talk to you and share juicy details everyday! But … This bag is HUGE! I could seriously live out of this bag for a weekend if need be. Oh and that lock….it’s heavy!

Take my word for it when I tell you…this is my NEW favorite bag!


Trick Or Treat

Sometimes I absolutely love Halloween and other times, I’m simply annoyed with the thought of dressing up. Luckily, 2013 was one of the years I wanted to utilize my creative juices! The theme of this years “spooktacular” was 1950. Now you see why the excitement hovered over me!! The 50’s are a great time period to emulate because there were so many different and styles…from extravagant to pin up or greaser to a Marine. I already had an idea in mind and couldn’t wait to see it come to life!







black and white


black and white by curvesandcoffee featuring Merona






I kind of went a little crazy with the Halloween extras they added to Pixlr….it was fun!


Let’s Go au naturale! #AllNaturalStyleSecrets

If you know me in the real world, you know that I rarely wear makeup everyday. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE MAKEUP but showing a fresh face to the world is a thing of beauty. It shows confidence and your natural features. So when Lucky Mag and the Lucky Mag Community reached out to do a post featuring a new natural product, I jumped at the chance!



Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.





And here’s what I received! Seventh Generation Boosts: Firming




I’ve been using this product for 3 days and my skin feels ahh-mazing!



As my style is already fairly natural, I figured what way to show that off than in my “natural” habitat?! At home, relaxing on the couch while enjoying some tv! Natural is comfortable for me. A chambray shirt from Old Navy and curls are all I need for a relaxing evening. Keeping it simple is my secret to effortless style.





Trust me, you’re going to love it!

Out and About and An Outfit

Happy Friday stylish sweets!


Hopefully everyone had a great week, if not, the weekend is finally here! Cheers to that!


Last weekend, I was tagging along with a friend while she went shopping. Yes, I Rena Fraz did NOT go shopping last week. Believe it people! While she was trying on shoes and driving, I was randomly taking pics in the mirror or with my feet up on the passenger side with my phone. What else was a chick going to do?! Of course, as forgetful as I am…totally forgot to post the pics on Instagram or Facebook.


In turn, we have this “Outfit of the day” post…enjoy!




Shirt: Lane Bryant ~ Burnout Cold Shoulder (sold out) ~ $40

Jeans: Lane Bryant  ~ Zippered Ankle Skinny Jeans (sold out in Cabaret/pink) ~ $59

Sandals: Ralph Lauren ~ (bought them almost 4 years ago at the RL outlet!) ~ $150

These are very close to the pair I have which are $249 at DSW

Ralph Lauren Collection ~ Viella Leather Flat Sandal

Bag: Coach ~ (also about 3 years old) ~ $498

As this post is coming together, you’re probably wondering, why I chose brown leather accessories….good question LOL! The real answer: you know those days, ladies, when you don’t feel like switching bags? Yea, this was definitely one of those days. Transferring everything to a white bag or summer bag would’ve been way too much that day so I stuck it out with brown. Not too bad.

One thing is definitely certain…my phone takes horrid pictures! I really need to start carrying my camera with me wherever I go. Been dreading that but it must be done!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

What I Wore

Welcome to the weekend!

I’m going to try something new here for this post and it’s totally unlike me (as Curves And Coffee) to feature posts solely about me. I try to provide you guys with the best style, shopping, fun, food, and lifestyle advice to cover your curvy days. Well, that’s what I set out to do when I started blogging again. There are tons of personal fashion blogs with “selfie/ootd (outfit of the day)” posts so my purpose was to focus more on the shopper or everyday curvy girl.


Recently and previously, I’ve had the question “Why don’t you do more posts of you?” thrown at me. After much debate and on a day I was feeling EXCEPTIONALLY cute (because you know you’ve gotta at least FEEL cute to take pics of yourself and post them online for the world to see) I decided to do a “What I Wore” post!

Here’s what I wore…

As you can see, I’m still trying to get the hang of the whole “selfie” “ootd” “mirror pic” thing. Besides that, I loved this outfit and I was very comfy! I’m only 5’3 so even when it comes to “boyfriend cropped jeans” I still have to keep rolling up the bottom lol I missed the tall gene…thanks mom and dad!


The details of each item I wore are below. The only thing not shown is the bag I carried which was a tote by Coach. The charm bracelet is also by Coach but it’s literally almost ten years old and looks brand new! It’s the button tab bracelet with orange, pink, blue, green, and white colored tabs….the closest item sold by Coach today isn’t as colorful but it’s featured below as well.



 Minus the bag and Guess watch, everything was under $50! I love style and fashion but please believe I’m a bargain hunter and always trying to get more bang for my buck! The jeans are priced at $45 but with a 30% off code I added to my cart that day, they were way less. The dip-dyed espadrilles…uh hello, Tar-Jay (Target) only $19! Even the Lane Bryant top was a steal! Regularly priced over $30, I used a 50% off code for my entire purchase! Seriously, sign up for emails or follow the store accounts on Twitter/Facebook….that’s how I find the sales! They aren’t hard to spot!


So, what do you think? Are we liking this choice? Should I possibly feature MORE OOTD posts? Am I asking too many questions? 


Hope you enjoyed!