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NYFW: Chromat AW 2018

Chromat never disappoints when it’s time to go down the runway and show the world what a diverse show looks like!

This fashion season proved no different.

The 2018 Fall (autumn)/Winter runway was, as usual, filled with diversity from the people at Chromat! Featuring models of ALL shapes, sizes and backgrounds strutting their stuff down the runway, I shouted “YASSS” so much while looking at the pictures online. 

So without further ado, join me in the excitement with LOTS of my faves (in slideshow form) from the runway show at New York Fashion Week! 



Embed from Getty Images


Embed from Getty Images

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As if I couldn’t love the founder of Chromat, Becca McCharen-Tran more… she had to go and put Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and energy drinks as accessories down the runway!! Snacks are the new handbags y’all! 


(British) Plus Size Fashion Weekend – Curves Ahead!

Yes, it’s still “fashion week” and yes, the world of fashion is STILL jet setting across the globe!


What you may not know is this; while the Brits and the fashion obsessed natives traveled to London, there was also a fashion week(end) dedicated for plus size women! The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (or BPSFW for short) took place last weekend (February 14 & 15) during the first three days during London Fashion Week. This year marks the second anniversary for such a great event!


Featured designers included:


 ~ Evans ~ Remi Ray(Site Coming Soon) ~ Revelation Fashion by Jane Watson ~ 



Syreeta Badu ~ Simply Be ~ OPhee’s ~ 


 ~ Yours ~ Dynasty London ~













You bet yours truly is going to try to make it next year! I should probably start saving now for a London weekend getaway! There is nothing better than seeing all these gorgeous curvaceous bods strut down the runway!







U.S actress Hayley Hasselhoff wears a design created by Plus Size Fashion during London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014, at Vinopolis in central London, Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. (Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)











(all images above credit to AP, Getty Images & Invision)




To see more curves and fashion images from BPSFW (and those without that pesky watermark), just visit their Facebook page!


Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Luisa Beccaria

Milan Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014






When the first look turned the corner, my immediate thoughts were…sheer stripes and uniform fit….again. Boy was I ever wrong! Quickly, I was reminded of the romantic dreamscape that is Luisa Beccaria. Her ever enchanting gowns that wisp themselves in the wind were front and center.







See how dreamy the collection is…















photos via gettyimages

London’s Calling: Burberry Edition Spring/Summer 2013

Just as soon as New York Fashion Week ended, London Fashion Week started and now…Milan Fashion Week!  Can you imagine the jet lag some of these people are feeling?!  Sheesh! They’re probably use to it by now.  Well, luckily for me and you…there’s this thing called the interwebs! As with Curves and Coffee’s NYFW, we’re going to attempt to flip through thousands of pics to find my faves!  Let’s just get straight down to business…
If you know anything about me and I do mean any tiny little thing, you know I spent countless hours trying to find a certain bag earlier this year.  I won’t even mention the name of said bag nor will I post a picture, well maybe I will post a pic.

Point is, THAT exact bag SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!  My name is seriously still sitting on some list in New York at the Burberry store.  Clearly, I absolutely love this brand!  Ok, back to the LFW…Burberry proved to me once again, why there’s such an infatuation with everything they produce.  In case you just want to see my faves aka a cheat sheet for those who don’t want to look at the live show…here you go!
All photos are courtesy of Getty Images
If you’re not flabbergasted like me (I’ve looked at the live show and the pics over and over again) then maybe I need medical attention lol! Just kidding!  Is there anything here that can’t be loved?  Ok, maybe the shiny trench coats for the finale were a tad bit Puff Daddy & Mase circa 1998 during the shiny suit era but these coats are FITTED!  That’s gotta stand for something, right? Right.
Wanna know something,  I love Burberry no matter what and a little birdie told me a rumor about Burberry………..stay glued to Morning Linkage tomorrow!

Fashion Week

Fashion. Week.

It’s here!

I had an epiphany…more like an EUREKA! moment.  Well maybe it wasn’t anything like that but I did wake up out of a deep slumber to type this so that has to count for something, right?  Anywho,  I really just want to sit back and be a fan of fashion for the next few days.  Just like I cheer, shake my fist at the TV and yell when I’m watching sports, I’m the same way when it comes to fashion.  I’m passionate about the things that I love.  When I fall for something, I fall hard and want to be a part of my life every second of the day, almost.

Yesterday, watching all the pics roll in from blogger conferences like IFBCON and LuckyFABB just to name a few of the big ones I’m aware of (if there’s more…please feel free to drop me a line!!) Well, I got extremely excited like I was there participating.  Then, Fashions Night Out pics started to filter through Instagram and Twitter.  Then, pics of the VMA’s red carpet bounced across my screen.  Basically, it was humanly IMPOSSIBLE for me to concentrate on anything other than the pure excitement of one day venturing out to one of these events in the future.  I’ve read many posts about how fun these shindigs are and how tiresome, jet laggy and tedious the details are but as a fan…..I’m in heaven!

Here’s what I’m trying to say before I get all “long-winded” and “run-on sentence’y” yea, I just made that a word.  As the days happen, the pics come in, the models will strut and the photogs will snap.  Then every single person that works in fashion will take a big sigh of relief that the week is finally over.  As all of that is happening, if my little heart goes pitter-patter…it shall be posted.

Now, I feel like this whole post has become a giant run-on sentence lol don’t blame me people…it’s 7am and I was sleep! OH and I’m typing without my glasses lol enjoy your Friday stylish people!