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Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: No. 21

Milan Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014





This collection is like a dream come true!







There’s plenty more after the jump…





Nothing says girly girl like a ruffled skirt on a collared dress!



Lace blazers, jewelled accents, a menswear inspired shirt as a dress…sign me up!



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Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013: Gucci

Let the show begin! Milano Moda Donna if you’re good with the language of Italy of course. If you’re not, don’t fret it translates into Milan Fashion Woman (that’s what Google Translate tells me) or loosely and much easier Milan Women’s Fashion.

Now, I feel like I should give you some sort of warning, perhaps. Let’s preface this post with…

This is Gucci. We like Gucci. I love Gucci. Gucci looks good. There’s a lot of pictures from the Gucci show below.

Basically my dear sweet fashionistas, I went through the pages of shots from the Gucci Women’s Autumn/Winter 2013 runway show and I just couldn’t help myself! Needless to say, someone got a little carried away! That just means there’s more for you to look at! Enjoy several of my faves from the collection ladies and gents!

There’s a slit/split in a skirt and then there’s THIS
THIS made my jaw drop it’s so sexy!
The Bags
Oh the bags!
Yep! Speechless!
(photo credit Getty Images)

Milan Fashion Week: Take Two

Yesterday officially marked day one of Paris Fashion Week.  Can anyone tell me where the month of September went?  Feels like it was just 90 degrees and New York was the city to be in.  Time sure does fly!  Well, my mind is still living in Italy and enjoying the spoils of Milan Fashion Week.  Hold on tight as I rally the photogs to snap some fashions. (I’ll totally tag team posts between Milan and Paris…we’re jet-setters baby!)

The marvelous shades
Don’t leave without your bag!
…til later sweets!
all photos are courtesy of Getty Images

Milan Fashion Week: Fendi Edition

I know, I know…the faves are late.  Better late than never in this case, right?  I think so! Believe me when I say, I’m usually never late…in fact, I’m normally quite early.  As a perfectionist who might have a little OCD, I get worried about being late, rushing and messing something up.  In turn, things tend to be more tediously planned.  Seems a bit to par since it’s fashion week time…a runway show NEVER starts on time so it’s only fitting.  Enough of my issues, let’s look at the styles!

Starting with Fendi…watched live, fell in love, only hated ONE thing and I WILL need that dice bag come March!

All photos are courtesy of Getty Images!

Honorable mention just because I do love Mr. Karl Lagerfeld…this is the ONLY thing I didn’t like…instantly reminded me of the Flintstones.  The tote in this pic deserves a mention as well! PLUS…dice bag/clip on!!

Thank you FENDI!