plus size biker jacket

Wednesday Wants: The Moto Jacket

It may not feel like it outside but the calendar says March.

March is usually the month when the weather starts to change for the better (at least when it stops snowing.)

I also celebrate my birthday in March (March 4th to be exact so Happy Birthday to me!) and being able to wear a cute light jacket would be a great birthday gift!

But, until I can ditch the heavy winter parka, double wrapped scarves, gloves, and of course the snow boots, I can only fill my closet.

So, what’s on my shopping list this spring…whenever it gets here? Cute moto & biker jackets of course!

Totally on trend and just like the perfect bag: it goes with EVERYTHING! Of course I’ve already did the shopping for you. Check out these cute plus size moto biker jackets.




Joanna Hope Side Tie Jacket – $99 – Simple Be



Plus Size Off Shoulder Moto Jacket – $59 – Ashley Stewart



Her Universe Captain Marvel Moto Jacket – $98 – Torrid






Suedette Biker Jacket – $74.99 – Simply Be



There’s plenty more jackets to be added to your closet here –> Biker Jackets


Dressed up or dressed down, which one are you gonna choose?!