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Morning Linkage: Cup 27

Wake-up Cup from Fred & Friends

Well hello Monday, fancy seeing you here.

Now that fashion week(s) are over, it’s time for Curves and Coffee to get back into the swing of things. Hope everyone enjoyed indulging in the world of high fashion and couture because you know, that stuff is expensive! Always fun to look at, a girl can dream can’t she?! Speaking of dreaming…I’ve been in a prescribed drug induced semi-coma for a week now with this cold. That’s how I’ve felt at least. Totally messed up my birthday plans last week. Ah I’m rambling…

Here’s your Monday Morning Linkage!

British Plus Size Fashion Weekend took place in London back in February. Don’t fret if you missed anything, check out fellow curvy blogger Jessica Kane who traveled to London. ~  www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com

If you’re in the market for a new bag this spring, Toya’s Tales has helped you out by picking her favorite satchels from the spring fashion collections. ~ Toya’s Top Spring Satchels

Jewelry is a great way to switch up your wardrobe. I found several great pieces myself (just waiting for the ok from mr debit card lol) on Just Pearlz. There are way more things than pearls! Check out the Facebook fan page and see for yourself! ~ Just Pearlz on FB

Speaking of Facebook Fan Pages…If you haven’t liked Curves And Coffee on Facebook by now…shame on you!! I’m on a quest to reach 100 fans by April 1st so head over there today pretty please stylish sweets! It will definitely be worth your click! ~ Facebook

That’s it for now…enjoy your morning!


Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter Ready To Wear 2013

Eifel Tower: Paris, France. Google Images

Bonjour amis! Oui oui!

Of course we’re in the city of love and one of the fashion capitals of all things haute couture. That’s right it’s Paris baby! As with all the past fashion weeks, I’ve virtually “jet set” across the globe to every runway show. Once my virtual G5 lands at the airport I’m busy uploading wonderful pics of my favorite looks from a variety of designer collections. First up for our starry eyes are Alexis Mabille and Mugler. Hope you enjoy the fascinating faves!


Morning Linkage: Cup 12 (Breast Cancer Awareness)



I’ve been torn with whether or not I want to share a story.  It’s a personal story and it relates to this month.  An emotional time for as long as I can remember…October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Trust me, I’d love to do nothing more than share with you guys/gals but I’m not sure I can handle it emotionally…even now typing this small and short paragraph is proving to be difficult.

Here goes…

My best friend, my grandmother passed away at the age of 72 (three years ago) was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was only 8.

I did manage to get that sentence without the tears so thank you for bearing with me.

With my other blogs in the past, during October, I devoted making links and posts everyday that had at least ONE thing mentioning Breast Cancer Awareness.  As the month continues on, I will try my best to keep up the positive vibes.

With that said, um, written, wait, typed….ready for your morning linkage?

Going Pink For October?! ~ Go Pink

Learn more about October & Breast Cancer Awareness! ~ NBCAM

Komen For The Cure! ~ Komen

Curvy Cure Tee’s! ~ Shop Curvy Komen

If you’re in Michigan and want to participate in a trek/walk/run/ride in Grandville…sign up before October 11th! ~ Trek Women

Things you can buy to go pink! (ads)

That’s it for today!

Enjoy your Monday stylish sweets and WELCOME TO OCTOBER!


Fashion Week

Fashion. Week.

It’s here!

I had an epiphany…more like an EUREKA! moment.  Well maybe it wasn’t anything like that but I did wake up out of a deep slumber to type this so that has to count for something, right?  Anywho,  I really just want to sit back and be a fan of fashion for the next few days.  Just like I cheer, shake my fist at the TV and yell when I’m watching sports, I’m the same way when it comes to fashion.  I’m passionate about the things that I love.  When I fall for something, I fall hard and want to be a part of my life every second of the day, almost.

Yesterday, watching all the pics roll in from blogger conferences like IFBCON and LuckyFABB just to name a few of the big ones I’m aware of (if there’s more…please feel free to drop me a line!!) Well, I got extremely excited like I was there participating.  Then, Fashions Night Out pics started to filter through Instagram and Twitter.  Then, pics of the VMA’s red carpet bounced across my screen.  Basically, it was humanly IMPOSSIBLE for me to concentrate on anything other than the pure excitement of one day venturing out to one of these events in the future.  I’ve read many posts about how fun these shindigs are and how tiresome, jet laggy and tedious the details are but as a fan…..I’m in heaven!

Here’s what I’m trying to say before I get all “long-winded” and “run-on sentence’y” yea, I just made that a word.  As the days happen, the pics come in, the models will strut and the photogs will snap.  Then every single person that works in fashion will take a big sigh of relief that the week is finally over.  As all of that is happening, if my little heart goes pitter-patter…it shall be posted.

Now, I feel like this whole post has become a giant run-on sentence lol don’t blame me people…it’s 7am and I was sleep! OH and I’m typing without my glasses lol enjoy your Friday stylish people!

Leap of Faith

Just want to start off by saying….. THANK YOU!

I never really thought I’d be back blogging again especially having a fashion blog with a dot com address!!  Friends and family were all pushing for me to do it and after many nights of contemplation I took the leap of faith and just did it.  So happy that I did!

It’s only been 14 days since the site has been live but it feels like a lifetime with all the support you guys have given me.  I’m sure there’ll be extraordinary days of bliss, a couple plateaus and maybe even some down days (hopefully not lol) but that’s all a part of starting something new.  Just gotta keep pushing and stay positive.

So, to continue on this positive path, I decided to take another leap of faith and make a Twitter account for Curves and Coffee!!!!  Amazing, right?!  Mostly out of respect for my friends on my personal account, I don’t want to fill timelines ALL DAY with links to my blog posts….maybe just once a day for you guys!

To all my friends, family and the wonderful strangers that make me smile behind this keyboard everyday…. THANK YOU!

Now go to Twitter and follow Curves and Coffee.…enough of the mushy stuff you little sap trees!!!


Kisses & Love