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Tune in Tuesday: Lizzo

Tunes for your Tuesday anyone?

Here’s the new single from Lizzo

Truth Hurts



I legit feel this song on a spiritual level lol y’all have NO idea! I’ve been caught singing it randomly while in the grocery store! 

If you need MORE Lizzo (because yes you do damnit) check out her other drops on iTunes…especially Coconut Oil, which is STILL in heavy rotation for me.

“Why men great til they gotta be great?!” Giiiiiiiiiirl

Movie Night: Love on the Run

There’s a new movie available on Apple iTunes, Amazon and VOD this week that you should definitely check out. From Tricoast, Love on the Run stars (yes, STARS)  plus size actress by the name of Jen Ponton.


I was able to view the movie and it was cool to see a “love story” with a plus size woman in the lead. Now, I won’t give away all the details…you’re gonna have to watch it for yourself BUT there’s definitely a few twists and turns in the plot.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see more curves in Hollywood?! Jen definitely thinks so. Can’t wait to see more of her in the future.

Learn more on the official Facebook page here –> Love on the Run

Morning Linkage: Cup 35

Good morning stylish sweets and Happy New Years Eve!
Can you believe it’s the last day of 2013? Where did the year go? Sure I’ve said this before and just like all the previous NYE nights…time sure does fly!
As 2013 comes to a close, meet your final cup of coffee for 2013
Since there’s nothing like a little self love and promotion *wink* here’s something you might like…
Curves And Coffee’s Most Popular Posts of 2013
My fave Top Ten lists floating around the web (in no particular order) 
The Strangest Photos of 2013 ~ Business Insider
We are women, hear us ROAR! 13 Badass Women of 2013 ~ Mother Jones
Some of us like sports and some of us don’t. One thing we can agree on, there’s absolutely NO WAY we can afford the items on this list! The 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams of 2013 ~ Forbes
As a car lover and a person who has the “need for speed”, here are the Staff Picks for The Best of 2013 Cars ~ MotorTrend
According to Amazon, THESE are your top coffee makers of 2013… ~ Amazon
Because we love fashion and because she’s curvy and because her name starts with a “B”…and, and, and…I could go on forever (I won’t) here are ALL the outfits and fashion looks from Beyonce and her new album. ~ NY Mag
13 of the most popular recipes of 2013! ~ Today
Speaking of singers…this Top Ten list is scandalous! ~ AskMen
Ever wonder how much the World’s Most Expensive Hermes would cost in 2013? ~ Yahoo!
That’s all for now sweets!
Remember to be safe and please, pretty please DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!
Happy New Year!

Morning Linkage: Cup 28

Sonoma Life Coffee Cup from Kohl’s

It’s Monday…again!

Hope all of you stylish sweets had an incredible weekend. I’m sure some more than others with it being a drinking holiday and all. How much green beer did you have yesterday?! Haha!

Anywho…grab your coffee and get your Monday on!

Here’s your Morning Linkage…

Did you know Shemar Moore had a clothing line on his website?! Yea, me either! Guess I gotta catch up on my sexy men gossip! Nonetheless, he will have “Plus Size” goodies really really soon! I’ll be warming up my credit card!  ~  Shemar Moore Online

PLUS SIZES IN PRODUCTION NOW!!! Range from Small thru 3X… Available VERY SOON at
— Shemar Moore (@shemarmoore) March 12, 2013

Since I’ve started this blog on August 1, 2012, I’ve already come across so many other great fashion and blogs. Check out this cool beauty blog by a fellow Twitter follower Casey Elizabeth  ~  Beauty 101 Blog

*My beautiful brown skin, you know I love you brown skin (yes, that’s me singing India Arie…remember that song?! If not, here ya go on YouTube: India Arie- Brown Skin ) That song has been in my head for weeks! If you talk to me on the phone…I’ll sing the chorus randomly lol sorry Ski*

Ever wondered what your best MAC lip shade is for your beautiful brown skin? Check out…  ~  Afrobella

For you younger stylish sweets check this beauty blog from the UK out!! ~  OK Fashion & Beauty

Finally, there’s a place in the world that’s embracing the curvy side of life. Sweden has full figured mannequins in there stores, yes! ~ HuffingtonPost Style

That’s if for now…enjoy!

xo Rena


Morning Linkage: Cup 26

Happy Hump Day!!

Check out a few looks from The Row: Pre-Fall 2013! ~ Olsens Anonymous

Letitia Casta is officially the face of Reed Krakoff Spring 2013! ~ WWD

Hottest Models In The Plus Size Modeling World! ~ Plus Model Mag

What will the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama wear for the Inauguration?! ~

RnB singer Maxwell will perform at The Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this summer! ~ Huffington Post

Did you know an ONION can remove paint odors? Yea me either! ~ Shelf Life Advice

Ladies, meet a few of “The Dapper Fellas” dressed in OMG just go read! Written by one of my fave Twitter followers @SomethingRouge ~ Urban Eye

Sip sip sip your yummy coffee and have a great day stylish sweets!


Morning Linkage: Cup 25

First “Morning Linkage” of the new year and I chose Saturday, January 5, 2013 to do it!  There’s really no method to my madness, I’m just living, breathing and shopping people…don’t mind me. Did anyone make a “New Year, New Me Resolution”?  I did, well kind of, I promised myself I’d drink more H2O. My body will definitely thank me.

Would you freak out if I said “Can you believe the first week in January is already over?” HA! I promise I won’t get too annoying today but seriously…it’ll be February before you know it! Then March cough cough March 4th to be exact cough my birthday cough cough.  I really want to spend this years birthday in Vegas so if you know of any great places to sleep/eat/party/gamble…email me [email protected] or find me on “The Twitta” @CurvesAndCoffee!

Moving right along…grab your cup of java and let’s get to these links, shall we?!

There was quite the fashion uproar over UGG’s (the boots) by UGG Australia last week: Are UGG’s Really Out of Style?! ~ Huffington Post Style

Because I love sports and there’s tons of men that visit this site:  The Sexiest NFL Cheerleader Outfits Ever! ~ Bleacher Report

Uh oh ladies, you may want to cancel that waxing appointment: Unhealthy Beauty Trends to Avoid in 2013! ~ Huffington Post Style

Drinks? Yes, please!  Check out this yummy Southern Pimm’s Cup recipe from fellow blogger Toya’s Tales! ~ Toya’s Tales

Curves and Coffee is slowly finding goodies in the curvy blogging world and I love it! Check out this great site called Glamorsized! ~ Glamorsized

Have fun and enjoy your weekend stylish sweets!


Morning Linkage: Cup 24

So, I’m guessing, since you’re reading this…you made it though the 12/21/12 “apocalypse”! Well congrats to you! Besides making it through the end of the world as we know it, it’s also Friday! TGIF! It’s a long weekend for some people because the Christmas holiday falls during the week.  If you’re one of those lucky peeps, jump for joy!!

Oh, also, grab some eggnog and use that as your cream for your coffee this morning.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Morning Links…

Toribio – Totally cool clothing company started by 3 guys

Carpools to Cocktails – Chic blog with tons of style! You can’t help but love a blog when a little one takes mommies pics!

Brittany Hanks – Great artist with amazing art. Also sold on Ebay! I definitely need to get a piece of hand-painted art and step my adulthood game up.

Saint Bustier – What’s in a name?! Uh hello! A shopping site dedicated to all us curvy and women with um a bubbly bust!

All of those stylish sweets are all on Twitter! Twitter is a great place to mingle…like really have some good conversation.  It also lets you meet tons of interesting people from around the globe! Finding blogs that were previously unknown to me, is outstanding!

Check those out and meet us all on Twitter! @CurvesAndCoffee

Morning Linkage: Cup 23

Good morning stylish sweets!!

Slowly but definitely surely getting back into the swing of regular life sans the sadness.  This was a trippy week…did I tell you guys how I won Ebay auction(s) that I totally forgot I even put bids on?!  Yea…trippy.  LOL all is good and I shall enjoy my spoils when they arrive.  Think I’m gonna start selling stuff…seriously need to make more room in my shoe closet, things are getting out of hand in there. Plus, I might be moving so downsizing should start now!  That’s a whole different story for another day.


Grab your coffee and bagel and get linked up!!

A slideshow of the top 10 Curvy Models! ~ Complex

Snakes on a Plane but not in the movie theaters. Real life people! ~ CNN Travel

NFL Star had his car stolen and taken on a trip around the city! ~ IndyStar

Jenna Bush-Hager is reportedly pregnant! ~ Dailymail UK

Being homeless in college, it can happen! ~ Huffington Post Women

The best sample boxes delivered to your door! ~ Fashionista

Apparently, every woman is curvy. Interesting! ~ NY Mag The Cut

See DiCaprio and Foxx looking good as usual for Django screening! ~ Just Jared

Enjoy your hump day!!


Morning Linkage: Cup 22

It’s Friday! We made it!

This week…little hectic for yours truly.  Hope you guys had a good week! Can you BELIEVE Thanksgiving is next Thursday?! I.Am.Freaking.Out.  Seriously don’t have everything I need to cook.  Anywho, I’ll save all of those ramblings for next week…get your coffee and read the news! Remember, if you have a blog or site and want it to be listed in “Morning Linkage” just let me know 🙂


The Joys of Coconut Oil! ~ PixelBoo / StylishGeek

Malala Day! ~ Organised Clutter

Dose of Sports & Such! ~ A Good Sports Hang

News, Entertainment & Style

Channing Tatum….Sexiest Man Alive! ~ People

Patti Stanger has something to say about Mr. and Mrs. J. Timberlake! ~ Reality TV Magazine

No Comment: Jenny McClendon/ Masche from “Raising Sextuplets” is pregnant…..Again! ~ Imperfect Women

General Motors (GM) wants to have 500,000 electric vehicles by 2017! ~ Motor Trend

Guide to 30 Fashionable Men! ~ StyleCaster

Dump Trump or Up Trump?! ~ Fashionista

Morning Linkage: Cup 21

Good ELECTION morning stylish sweets!  Have your coffee…then GO VOTE!

Fashion + Politics = A Force To Be Reckoned With! ~ Fashionista

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are Expecting! ~ InStyle

See Kristen Bell’s Baby Bump! ~ E! Online
(BTW…I love her so this may be the first celeb pregnancy I pay attention to)

Snooki sans the make-up and she’s Adorable with her son! ~ People

Lil Wayne Lost His Lawsuit…surprise! ~ TMZ

You Sit Too Much! ~ Huffington Post Health

Britney Vs. Lufti! ~ People

Lady Gaga Reacts the Wrong Way To Adele about Weight Issues! ~ Huffpost Style