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Morning Linkage: Cup 32

Cat Surprise Mug ~ Pier 1

Welcome to Monday stylish sweets!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all of you great dads out there enjoyed your Father’s Day!

I know I’ve been a tad lackadaisical with posting lately and here’s my apology…truly sorry. Between  working on and looking for writing gigs to support my shopping habit, my gusto for purging creative content has fallen off. Don’t fret friends! For I’m getting back into the swing of things, you guys are my motivation!

Alrighty, enough excuses…grab your coffee and bagel…here’s your morning linkage!

Kim Kardashian delivered a baby girl just in time for Kanye West to have his first Father’s Day! ~ E! Online

Plus size clothing is JUST now hitting some retailers. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner because damnite I want a pair of distressed cut-off denim shorts) designers will get the point. Laura Beck dishes about the difficult task of finding “cute shit” in her article “We Want Cute Plus Size Clothes, and We Fucking Want Them Yesterday”! ~ Jezebel

Miss Utah Marissa Powell USA…where no one knows your name until you try to answer a question in front of millions. Guess we gotta get on that education problem, huh?! ~ Huffington Post Style

Jay-Z announced to the world that his new album will be released on July 4th (with a three minute commercial) during the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. “Magna Carta Holy Grail” is the title and it’ll be available to Samsung users FIRST! ~ Samsung & Jay-Z

Check out the commercial

Morning Linkage: Cup 31


The Prescription: Coffee! 

Good Saturday morning stylish sweets!

I’d much rather be back in bed snuggled under the covers, freezing because I don’t want to get up and turn the air condition off. Since we’re awake, might as well get this Saturday party started right…with coffee!

I’m seriously thinking about purchasing a Keurig. I’ve tinkered with the idea but now it’s time to take the leap to the techie side of java (see what I did there?)

Anywho, since I was unable to post linkage earlier this week ie Monday like I hoped…I’m giving you guys a dose of link fun on a Saturday!

Here’s your morning linkage. . .

Did you enjoy the high couture fashion of the Met Gala earlier this week? I sure did. Seeing all the celebs on the red carpet made me think of other big red carpet moments. ELLE clearly had the same idea! ~ Best Red Carpet Dresses

Love, love, love reading beauty blogs! Learning a new make-up technique or finding a new product will never get old to me! Check out Zoe – Lianne Blog, a fellow blogger from the UK! I may need to move there just so I can shop! ~ Zoe – Lianne Blog

I sent out the call (tweeted) for my fellow bloggers to send me their links and you guys answered right away! Reading other plus size blogs is always fun. Love seeing everyone’s personal style and take on fashion. So this stylish blog to check out is “Call Me Kim” by Kim of course! ~ Call Me Kim

Mainstream is finally starting to catch on to women with curves…just a little. The retail giant H & M featured plus size model Jennie Runk on the front page of their website this past week. ~ Huffingtonpost Women

Speaking of plus sizes and retail, the CEO at Abercrombie & Fitch just became a bigger douche than he was before! And when did an XL become plus size?! *sigh*  ~ Perez Hilton

Rudeness just went haywire this week! One “sports blogger” (I use that term VERY loosely) from CBS, recently called a cheerleader from the NBA team OKC “chunky.” The Oklahoma City cheerleader Kelsey Williams fired back with a vengeance! ~ ABC News (video)

On a much more positive note, FELLAS….you know how you have Casual Male XL…well now Destination XL has expanded….plus size men aka the “big and tall” The company launched a media campaign this week!  ~ NY Times

‘Tis all for now stylish sweets! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy!


Tune In: Music Mix

Hey stylish sweets! Since I had some technical difficulties this week aka my power adapter cord for my laptop completely fizzled out while typing! Talk about a disaster! Luckily, I was able to give you guys a taste of the Met Gala via mobile blogging. It’s amazing how technology can fail and create all at the same damn time! Speaking of technology, Curves and Coffee will undergo an overhaul in the coming weeks. Definitely time for a fresh new look so stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated.

Anywho, time to turn up your Thursday!

Drop City Yacht Club…ok, gotta admit….I never heard this song or heard of the group until someone told me to listen to it a few weeks ago. Now I can’t get the song out of my head!!! Hey Jeremih!

Um Selena Gomez dun growed up on us, y’all!! And is she telling someone to “Come and Get It”?! Ok Ms. Gomez, do your thing!

Instant Classic. You really can’t go wrong with any song that features 50 Cent, Eminem AND Adam Levine!!!

Everyone knows I’m a very colorful and visual person so when I got wind that Iggy Azalea was making a new video with India in mind……I couldn’t wait to see the finished product! Bounce really does make you wanna bounce and do traditional Indian dances. This vid has a total Bollywood theme and I love it!

Enjoy your day and happy almost Friday!!


Tune In: Cassie

Get ready to turn your speakers UP or down depending on your personal preference. The tune this Tuesday is one for the ladies (and guys because this chick is HOT!)


Cassie is definitely all “growed” up! I keep up with her a little bit because I love her style so it’s no surprise to me but to others, there may be a “who?” moment. Remember lil Miss Cassie from MySpace? Wait, do you remember MySpace? Anywho, she has some new music and video to push along too.


Before we get into her new single…let’s check out the girls closet!


I mean, COME ON!


This just makes a fashion slave like me quiver!




That was filmed almost a year ago…could you imagine what her closet looks like now? Crazy!


Moving right along before I have a moment…


Here’s the new single


“Numb” ft. Rick Ross




Best Dressed: Nerd Prom Edition

Every year the White House invites the most influential people over for a big dinner. Affectionately called “Nerd Prom,” the correspondents dinner is a fashion show for those attending. I think it’s absolutely amazing to sit in a room, rub shoulders with outstanding people and eat dinner with the President of the United States. I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet President Obama or any other current president at the time?!


Anywho, tons of famous folks get dressed up for the occasion and stroll the red carpet. Now, we get to see who’s wearing who and who they’re most excited to see. Get ready to see who I picked and like for best dressed.





Kerry Washington looked absolutely stunning in basic black and white. This gorgeous printed Wes Gordon dress fits her like a glove.


This is Darren Criss. We don’t know what he’s wearing but he’s damn sure wearing it well!


There really isn’t anything Connie Britton can do that’ll make me dislike her. This blue lace Temperly London dress only makes me like her more.

Sofia Vergara always looks amazing so this Herve L. Leroux dress is no exception.

Ahh supermodels. Chrissy Teigen chose this Kaufmanfranco after battling with zippers on her first choice. She stunned us all with fiance John Legend.


Apparently blue was the color of the night and I have no qualms with that at all. Thank goodness these gorgeous ladies don’t either! Looking incredibly ahh-mazing from left to right.

Robin Wright Penn in Rolando Santana / Rebel Wilson in Theia / Morena Baccarin in J. Mendel


Speaking of blue, Claire Danes chose a light shade of the hue in this Prada sheath dress.

Megan Hilty shines in the Pantone color of the year by Badgley Mischka.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in Dolce & Gabbana and Michelle Dockery in Elie Saab both chose deep purple to wow on the red carpet. THIS is the purple you want to wear.

Amy Poehler decided to wear this shimmering Basler dress in white and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(all photos credited to Getty Images)

Morning Linkage: Cup 30

Atlanta Braves Latte Mug

Welcome to the second week of April stylish sweets! Hope everyone had a terrific weekend. Mine was spent attempting to rest from all the stress that’s been going on around me. Besides all of that, my weekend was filled with Atlanta Braves baseball!


Of course in honor of my 11-1 Braves, the featured coffee mug for Morning Linkage is from none other than tada…THE BRAVES! I don’t own this mug but I would absolutely LOVE to add it to my coffee mug collection 🙂


Grab your mug and get ready for your linkage!



Remember when your grandmother gave you “home remedies” and said it would cure everything?! Well, apparently, apple cider vinegar will do just that! At least that’s what the gorgeous ScarJo (Scarlett Johansson) says. ~ Huffington Post

Need new workout moves for your quads?! The WNBA, YouBeauty and Self Magazine definitely has us covered! ~ YouBeauty

YouBeauty also has a couple great tips for those of us with voluptuous curves. Trends for the spring and your hourglass figure! ~ YouBeauty

Like fast cars? Me too! You can see 50 years of the Ford Mustang all from your fingertips and the free press! ~ Detroit Free Press

6 Things you need and should know about eating disorders! ~ Huffington Post


Marvelous Maven Giveaway

The time is finally here!

Time for YOU marvelous readers to have a shot at winning EVERYTHING you see here!

That’s right!

Remember my March Julep Maven box…

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Morning Linkage: Cup 29

Sonoma Life + Style Thermal Mug  ~ Kohl’s

Welcome to Monday stylish sweets!

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely feeling like those couple of weekend days went entirely too fast! Maybe it’s because March Madness began and all I did was watch college hoops…hmmm…could be it!

Nonetheless, hope everyone had a fun time or made time to rest and lounge around the house.

Speaking of fun….um, spring…hello…we’re looking for you! Come out, come out where ever you are! It has been so cold some of us are starting to think spring doesn’t even exist. So sad.

Let’s try to perk up with some coffee and Morning Linkage…

Real women have curves! Everyone will get this and understand it one day! To help spread the word, Big Girls Rock LLC wants you to see “The Real Women” photoshoot on YouTube! ~ Anisha King & BGR

In case you’re in a warmer state of perhaps taking a tropical vacation, you may need help deciding on swimwear. Plus Size Tall & Plus Size Mag has you covered with tips for picking out a bikini! ~ Plus Size Mag

Fashionista has me in a spring time mood with their Ultimate Spring Polish Guide…uh yes please! ~ Fashionista & Spring Polish

Apparently, Castor Oil is good for your hair ladies! Yea, didn’t know that either but Curl Kit gives us 7 ways to Use Castor Oil! ~ Curl Kit & Castor Oil

‘Tis all for now! Enjoy your day!

xoxo Rena