Morning Linkage: Cup 32

Cat Surprise Mug ~ Pier 1

Welcome to Monday stylish sweets!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all of you great dads out there enjoyed your Father’s Day!

I know I’ve been a tad lackadaisical with posting lately and here’s my apology…truly sorry. Between  working on and looking for writing gigs to support my shopping habit, my gusto for purging creative content has fallen off. Don’t fret friends! For I’m getting back into the swing of things, you guys are my motivation!

Alrighty, enough excuses…grab your coffee and bagel…here’s your morning linkage!

Kim Kardashian delivered a baby girl just in time for Kanye West to have his first Father’s Day! ~ E! Online

Plus size clothing is JUST now hitting some retailers. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner because damnite I want a pair of distressed cut-off denim shorts) designers will get the point. Laura Beck dishes about the difficult task of finding “cute shit” in her article “We Want Cute Plus Size Clothes, and We Fucking Want Them Yesterday”! ~ Jezebel

Miss Utah Marissa Powell USA…where no one knows your name until you try to answer a question in front of millions. Guess we gotta get on that education problem, huh?! ~ Huffington Post Style

Jay-Z announced to the world that his new album will be released on July 4th (with a three minute commercial) during the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. “Magna Carta Holy Grail” is the title and it’ll be available to Samsung users FIRST! ~ Samsung & Jay-Z

Check out the commercial