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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 — Herve Leger by Maz Azria

Well Well Well

Looks like Max Azria mixed things up for their Herve Leger line this year! Well, as much as you can mix up a bondage/bandage dress that is. Instead of having a full collection filled with body hugging dresses and skirts, Azria threw in loose-fitting kimono style tops that fit in perfectly! Along with the Japanese flare, swimsuits with mini belts, and an array of yummy colors; the spring line for Herve Leger looks to be on point!





(photos vie IndigitalImages)

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 — Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji always gives us the romanticism that we need during New York Fashion Week. The sprring and summer collection for 2015 picked up right where he left off (with a little more sexy thrown in). Structured silhouettes were met with sheer cutouts and lace overlays. I really want to have several pieces in my closet to put on for a rainy day or for the days I just want to feel like a queen!

(click to enlarge)




(photos via IndigitalImages)

Living The Dream: Writing my way to becoming my own boss



It’s rare that I publish a non-fashion or style post but today is just one of those days. You guys are going to learn a little or a lot more about me (depending on how far of a tangent I go on lol)

It’s been two whole years since Curves And Coffee was born and a huge thanks to those of you who’ve followed me on this exciting journey! It started with a dream and now readers from all over the world visit! I never intended for this to become a profession. It started as more of a hobby until I figured out the next phase in my life while in between grad school programs.

Who knew that next phase would actually include USING my degree in communication to promote self-love and share my love of fashion with the world?! I’m just glad that there’s a visitor here now and then.

As time continues, I’ve started to think about what’s in store for Curves And Coffee instead of what’s next for me. There’s NO way to predict the next steps..not even a bit! What I can share with you, is that, Curves And Coffee will become my full-time project. I want to produce a great lifestyle site both visually and intellectually, be able to travel and spread the word of self-love and a sense of community among the curvy world. Some day, I’d even like to open a small café that serves the finest coffees (of course) with possibly a boutique right beside it. One day, I’m gonna need money for all of this!!

Pretty sure by now you’re wondering, “why is she sharing all of this?” Well, a few weeks ago, while shopping on eBay (yes, I have a shopping problem) I noticed an advertisement for this company called Kabbage. The ad said something about owning your own company and it immediately caught my eye. It was like a sign, brightly blinking telling me to go ahead and go! Of course, me being the forgetful person  that I am…time passed and nothing ever came of me going further than browsing and reading their testimonials.




Then, an email arrived from one of the Kabbage community managers asking if I would be interested in sharing my dreams. That’s DEFINITELY another blinking sign. Needless to say, I accepted the “challenge” to share my dreams with you guys so here we are! No, Kabbage didn’t offer me an instant starter loan for this post…it’s just me sharing this pretty cool company!


What is Kabbage?

Kabbage is a like a lending bank but better! Instead of using just your credit score like other lending sources, Kabbage allows its’ borrowers to use their company accounts’ that are already established. Kabbage provides small business loans for fellow entrepreneurs in a very unique way. You can see part of their process in the diagram below.




See, it’s THAT simple to get approved for your start-up or “already” thriving business. I once created a business plan for my company way before those “dreams” ever popped up…it was actually during an Entrepreneur  course in undergrad. The fact that my brain still retains most of that course is pure wizardry! I’m fully equipped to branch out make Curves And Coffee an official company and get stamped with a big hunk of LLC, so am I waiting on?




Guess Who’s Back…

It’s me!

Welcome to the NEW!

First things first…sorry it took so long (insert all the techie, blogger headache, internet issues here). I won’t bore you guys with every trouble shooting thing I went through over the past month because it was A LOT! Totally worth the troubles.

So, what’s new?


— layout


–site host

–blogging platform

I’ll probably experiment with colors and design a few more times (a girl can never be satisfied as the cliche goes…I just like to keep things fresh and new)

You can expect the same type of writing and posts that you love so no worries there.

OH! Before I forget…

HAPPY 2 Year Blogaversary to ME!!

October Julep Maven Box

Ahhh, polish 🙂
It’s been awhile since I’ve actually accepted my Julep Maven monthly subscription. The colors in the boxes haven’t been very appealing to me. Then October happened. Not only did I accept my Maven box, I upgraded my subscription and included an add-on! Imagine that! This month features more darker and full coverage colors (I was mostly in need of darker fall tones) and came with a facial mask plus a dual eyeliner.
The theme for this month…
So, if you’re thinking about purchasing some nail polish goodies…here are the swatches for October. These aren’t the “cleanest” swatches since I’ll be taking the polish right off, don’t judge me 😉
Add-on is “Casper” a glow in the dark polish that can be worn alone or as a top coat over other colors.
You can’t really tell if there’s polish on the nail or not but trust me, it’s there. It also REALLY glows in the dark!! I tried to get a pic of it glowing but nothing came out on film. Total bummer but it glows bright green after some light of course.
The dual eyeliner is very soft and creamy…
Went on extremely smooth as I tested it on my wrist.
The brown has a slight shimmer but there’s no real way to tell on darker tone skin.
Bonus sharpener that catches the shavings = less mess!
Below are the stock photos and descriptions given by Julep.
Kendra: Army green frost   Ciara: Vampy magenta with teal microglitter  Missy: Titanium metallic
Valerie: Teal with iridescent microglitter   Cleopatra: Black latex crème
Winona: Buff greige creme   Anisa: Deep burgundy creme
Dahlia: Goldenrod microglitter     Stevie:  Concrete gray frost
Personally, I love this box. As a lover of bright and bold colors, my polish collection is kind of one sided at the moment. The “Rebel Set”  is just what I needed

It’s My Blogiversary!

Welcome to Friday stylish sweets and welcome to the newly redesigned Curves And Coffee!

Thank you guys for being patient this week and this entire year!

Can you believe it’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I first started C & C?! Crazy right? As a personal blogger for 10 years, I never thought I’d be blogging to the whole world…well, now we’re here! Hopefully you love the update and continue this journey with me.



Summer Staycation

It’s summer and that usually means, it’s vacation time.

Well, if you’re like me……forever planning a trip but something tends to always pop up that prevents that trip from happening….yea, that’s me. It doesn’t happen that often but for some reason, summer 2013 has been vacation-less. So what happens when a chick that loves to travel gets stranded at home for most of the summer? She finds things to do around town! Below (or after the jump) are a few things I love to do.

Jump in…

I love sports but for anyone who doesn’t, a ballpark is a great place to meet new people and just enjoy the atmosphere. Plus, most ballparks have tons of other things to see and do besides watch the game. I took in a Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Braves baseball game earlier this summer and had a ball! Michigan: Detroit Tigers, Colleges and universities.

It’s not what you’re thinking! Ok, maybe it is but not exactly what you’re thinking…take a trip to a mall that’s further from home. Perhaps even plan a group outing to a local outlet mall (because what’s better than shopping? Discount shopping!) Malls are a great place to people watch, have lunch or just escape the heat of the summer. That last one is free so jump all over that one! Michigan: Twelve Oaks, Briarwood, Fairlane, Birchrun Prime Outlets.


This sounds really boring and lame, totally aware of that BUT hear/read me out. A good book by a great writer will have you so deep and involved with the characters that you’ll feel like you’re there! Now, if I head to the bookstore today, I won’t buy a book about clear water and white sand beaches…I’m not trying to be depressed here! I can say this…finding a book on a specific place you’d like to visit may be perfect. Michigan: Barnes & Noble, local libraries.

Every town, every city, and every state has some type of festival during the summer months. Find the one that speaks to your soul and have a go! There’s music, concerts, art festivals, garden festivals…literally, tons of festivals. Just take your pick. Michigan:, Ann Arbor Art Fair.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or young(er) there’s never a wrong time to learn something new! Check out your local community colleges for enrichment courses that focus on the topic you want to know more about. I’m almost positive you’ll find something you like. Whether it’s cooking, computers, dancing, or tennis, it’s out there waiting for you. Bonus, if you take a dance class or kickboxing class…that’s fun + a workout…so on point! Michigan:, YMCA.

Hmmm, maybe staying at home this summer isn’t such a bad idea! Hopefully these tips will give you a little inspiration for your “Summer Staycation.” Feel free to find me anywhere in the social media-sphere and share what you’re doing this summer!