Morning Linkage: Cup 31


The Prescription: Coffee! 

Good Saturday morning stylish sweets!

I’d much rather be back in bed snuggled under the covers, freezing because I don’t want to get up and turn the air condition off. Since we’re awake, might as well get this Saturday party started right…with coffee!

I’m seriously thinking about purchasing a Keurig. I’ve tinkered with the idea but now it’s time to take the leap to the techie side of java (see what I did there?)

Anywho, since I was unable to post linkage earlier this week ie Monday like I hoped…I’m giving you guys a dose of link fun on a Saturday!

Here’s your morning linkage. . .

Did you enjoy the high couture fashion of the Met Gala earlier this week? I sure did. Seeing all the celebs on the red carpet made me think of other big red carpet moments. ELLE clearly had the same idea! ~ Best Red Carpet Dresses

Love, love, love reading beauty blogs! Learning a new make-up technique or finding a new product will never get old to me! Check out Zoe – Lianne Blog, a fellow blogger from the UK! I may need to move there just so I can shop! ~ Zoe – Lianne Blog

I sent out the call (tweeted) for my fellow bloggers to send me their links and you guys answered right away! Reading other plus size blogs is always fun. Love seeing everyone’s personal style and take on fashion. So this stylish blog to check out is “Call Me Kim” by Kim of course! ~ Call Me Kim

Mainstream is finally starting to catch on to women with curves…just a little. The retail giant H & M featured plus size model Jennie Runk on the front page of their website this past week. ~ Huffingtonpost Women

Speaking of plus sizes and retail, the CEO at Abercrombie & Fitch just became a bigger douche than he was before! And when did an XL become plus size?! *sigh*  ~ Perez Hilton

Rudeness just went haywire this week! One “sports blogger” (I use that term VERY loosely) from CBS, recently called a cheerleader from the NBA team OKC “chunky.” The Oklahoma City cheerleader Kelsey Williams fired back with a vengeance! ~ ABC News (video)

On a much more positive note, FELLAS….you know how you have Casual Male XL…well now Destination XL has expanded….plus size men aka the “big and tall” The company launched a media campaign this week!  ~ NY Times

‘Tis all for now stylish sweets! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy!