Tune In: Cassie

Get ready to turn your speakers UP or down depending on your personal preference. The tune this Tuesday is one for the ladies (and guys because this chick is HOT!)


Cassie is definitely all “growed” up! I keep up with her a little bit because I love her style so it’s no surprise to me but to others, there may be a “who?” moment. Remember lil Miss Cassie from MySpace? Wait, do you remember MySpace? Anywho, she has some new music and video to push along too.


Before we get into her new single…let’s check out the girls closet!


I mean, COME ON!


This just makes a fashion slave like me quiver!




That was filmed almost a year ago…could you imagine what her closet looks like now? Crazy!


Moving right along before I have a moment…


Here’s the new single


“Numb” ft. Rick Ross