Summer Staycation

It’s summer and that usually means, it’s vacation time.

Well, if you’re like me……forever planning a trip but something tends to always pop up that prevents that trip from happening….yea, that’s me. It doesn’t happen that often but for some reason, summer 2013 has been vacation-less. So what happens when a chick that loves to travel gets stranded at home for most of the summer? She finds things to do around town! Below (or after the jump) are a few things I love to do.

Jump in…

I love sports but for anyone who doesn’t, a ballpark is a great place to meet new people and just enjoy the atmosphere. Plus, most ballparks have tons of other things to see and do besides watch the game. I took in a Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Braves baseball game earlier this summer and had a ball! Michigan: Detroit Tigers, Colleges and universities.

It’s not what you’re thinking! Ok, maybe it is but not exactly what you’re thinking…take a trip to a mall that’s further from home. Perhaps even plan a group outing to a local outlet mall (because what’s better than shopping? Discount shopping!) Malls are a great place to people watch, have lunch or just escape the heat of the summer. That last one is free so jump all over that one! Michigan: Twelve Oaks, Briarwood, Fairlane, Birchrun Prime Outlets.


This sounds really boring and lame, totally aware of that BUT hear/read me out. A good book by a great writer will have you so deep and involved with the characters that you’ll feel like you’re there! Now, if I head to the bookstore today, I won’t buy a book about clear water and white sand beaches…I’m not trying to be depressed here! I can say this…finding a book on a specific place you’d like to visit may be perfect. Michigan: Barnes & Noble, local libraries.

Every town, every city, and every state has some type of festival during the summer months. Find the one that speaks to your soul and have a go! There’s music, concerts, art festivals, garden festivals…literally, tons of festivals. Just take your pick. Michigan:, Ann Arbor Art Fair.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or young(er) there’s never a wrong time to learn something new! Check out your local community colleges for enrichment courses that focus on the topic you want to know more about. I’m almost positive you’ll find something you like. Whether it’s cooking, computers, dancing, or tennis, it’s out there waiting for you. Bonus, if you take a dance class or kickboxing class…that’s fun + a workout…so on point! Michigan:, YMCA.

Hmmm, maybe staying at home this summer isn’t such a bad idea! Hopefully these tips will give you a little inspiration for your “Summer Staycation.” Feel free to find me anywhere in the social media-sphere and share what you’re doing this summer!