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Favorite Bag Friday! (I’m feeling a little Lucky)

Have you guys just been dying to see the bag I won from Lucky Mag?! If you haven’t, trust me, I’ve done enough waiting and biting of my nails for ALL OF US!!

To catch some of you stylish sweets up (in case you missed it): I was invited to do a “Contributor Challenge” on LuckyMag.com a few months back for Seventh Generation. The purpose was to test out their new face serum and write a blog post that embodied “Natural Style Secrets”…you can see the original post here on Curves And Coffee or on the contributing section of Lucky Mag.

Of course, I didn’t expect to win anything, I just simply put my best foot er face forward and took a leap! Thankfully, you guys are the best readers/friends a chick could ever have! Without hesitation you shared, voted, and encouraged me to continue and for that, I am forever grateful.

Now to the good part…

I got an email in October, telling me I won the contest but me being the pessimistic cautious person that I am, there was some research and Googling going on before I believed the email. So after making sure everything was legit, signing an affidavit, getting it notarized, scanning it, emailing it,  then mailing said affidavit (yes, it was that serious…) Now, my expectations weren’t high at all. I was expecting a small clutch or cross body bag but…


At this point, I was literally hyperventilating trying to get through the tissue paper and remembering to take pics (blogger problems)

Nope! Our eyes aren’t playing tricks on us!

That/this is INDEED a leather MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Chain Tote

(as seen here in black)

How I wore it:

Messy top knot, fuchsia lip, cat eye and grunged down…all the way down!

I took this pic while on my way out and running fashionably late (as usual…sometimes 😉 so never mind the pure look of “hurry up and take the pic” on my face!

The Details:

Camo Jacket (at least 10 years old so I couldn’t tell you how much it was!)

Lords Of Liverpool Tank ~ California Republic ~ Nordstrom ~ $38

Jeans ~ Debs ~ $16

Moto Buckle Boots ~  Dirty Laundry/Chinese Laundry  ~ (bought last year) ~ $89

And of course…THE BAG

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote ~ $298 ~ Gifted!

(see after a little filter magic…)

So, what does a “Social Engagement Winner” do? She engages with her social networks on a daily basis….I love you guys so of course I’m gonna talk to you and share juicy details everyday! But … This bag is HUGE! I could seriously live out of this bag for a weekend if need be. Oh and that lock….it’s heavy!

Take my word for it when I tell you…this is my NEW favorite bag!


Let’s Go au naturale! #AllNaturalStyleSecrets

If you know me in the real world, you know that I rarely wear makeup everyday. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE MAKEUP but showing a fresh face to the world is a thing of beauty. It shows confidence and your natural features. So when Lucky Mag and the Lucky Mag Community reached out to do a post featuring a new natural product, I jumped at the chance!



Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.





And here’s what I received! Seventh Generation Boosts: Firming




I’ve been using this product for 3 days and my skin feels ahh-mazing!



As my style is already fairly natural, I figured what way to show that off than in my “natural” habitat?! At home, relaxing on the couch while enjoying some tv! Natural is comfortable for me. A chambray shirt from Old Navy and curls are all I need for a relaxing evening. Keeping it simple is my secret to effortless style.





Trust me, you’re going to love it!

Dasani #Flavorfy Your Day!

I have to mention that this is a sponsored post, courtesy of the Lucky Mag Community and Dasani Drops!


Now head over and VOTE VOTE VOTE!




The challenge: Show Your Summer Color!


Challenge: Accepted!


I’m a tad late to the party but here to have fun nonetheless! During a day trip to Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park, I managed to squeeze in a little relief by dreaming of the tasty Dasani Drops! Trying to stay cool under the summer sun was a task but that dream kept me going! I chose two of my favorite flavors for inspiration…see for yourself!


These just happen to be two of my favorite colors too!

Thank you pure Michigan for these gorgeous views of the Huron River!