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NBA Finals: It’s Over, We’re Done

The NBA season is O-V-E-R!


The Miami Heat are YOUR new 2013 World Champions.


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It wasn’t an easy feat but the “White Hot” Heat (or Heats if you’re one of those people who add an ‘s’ to the end of everything) have repeat as champions. After a gritty seven games, Miami proved they are the best to defeat the San Antonio Spurs. I guess that whole “not one, not two, not three” speech is slowly but surely becoming a reality for LeBron James.


Isn’t it ironic?


Another sports season comes to an end, summer begins, and I’m breaking up with The Association.


Yes, you read that right. Today is the day I broke up with the NBA. Since there is a new champion well a new/old repeat champion this is the perfect time for me to see other sports. This means there is absolutely no need for me to be concerned about anything the National Basketball Association for at least 6-8 months. Longer if I intend on skipping the entire season and only watching the playoffs like I did this year. Seriously, that was the best decision a chick like me could have EVER made! Why put up with the phantom calls, bad refereeing, bandwagon fans, or overhyped players who may never live up to their potential? I can thoroughly enjoy two full months of actual competitive basketball! A time when teams are really vying to become champion. That’s when players play the hardest (to me at least) they play like there is something lose. Two months of great ass basketball…yea that’s what I want.


Thanks for the memories of 2013 NBA, I’m keeping your t-shirt though…looks great as a sleep shirt on me!


NFL, anyone?!