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MFW: Versace

Milan Fashion Week





Once in awhile there comes a collection that has everything I’ve ever wanted and needed. Sometimes it happens several times during the fashion season but other times, it happens once. I think Versace is the one. So, unless you’re a new visiting stylish sweet, you know what happens when I love everything…….






That’s right see it here (thanks to FashionTV on youtube)

Full video coverage

Versace Spring/Summer 2014 Ready to Wear Collection

Straight from Milan Fashion Week







And now……my ULTIMATE Versace faves!!



If there’s ONE thing I want to own RIGHT NOW, it’s this leather jacket!

The Details: OH EM GEE!

If there’s one thing I want to own

Does anyone have a direct line to Donatella Versace? I need her to make a special order for a stylish chick with curves! A body chain that can fit over real big boobs, pants that fit a booty, and a belt that compliments these curves. I’d ask for shoes but that might be a bit much…plus, I’m an average size 8 sooo…good to go in the shoe department!

Love Everything!

Want It All!

Can I Have It?


I know, I know…I say that a lot but this is fashion season and I’m bound to love everything something!


In the words of our great philosopher, Aubrey Graham aka Drake (who has a new album coming out September 24th…)






MFW Spring/Summer 2014: Just Cavalli

Milan Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014





Here are my faves from the colorful display of awesomeness that is, Cavalli!






Oh wait….there’s more!






“The Spring/Summer 2014 collection is inspired by a surreal and imaginary world. Beyond the limits of space and time, the #JustCavalli woman blossoms in cyber-Eden and she dresses with modern candor.” ~ Just Cavalli

photos via catwalking.com




MFW: Ports 1961

Milan Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014



 Totally my first time looking at a Ports show…gotta say, it’s different. Different in a good way. It’s not your average high end designer look, it’s a walk on a different street.

I definitely want to walk on this street! Give me mauve/rose/dusty pink and I’m your best friend FOR LIFE!

Hello Ports 1961, nice to meet you.

photos via vogue.it

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: No. 21

Milan Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014





This collection is like a dream come true!







There’s plenty more after the jump…





Nothing says girly girl like a ruffled skirt on a collared dress!



Lace blazers, jewelled accents, a menswear inspired shirt as a dress…sign me up!



photos via gettyimages




MFW: Dsquared2

Milan Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014



Dan and Dean Caten ALWAYS seem to put a smile on my face. (I say that as if I know them personally lol in my dreams and imaginary life, I wake up to them dressing me and shoving me out the door!) Their collections give you visuals like you’re in a movie with them so I couldn’t resist letting you guys see the whole show!




See my faves after the jump…




Cleavage and cat eyes galore!

Loving it!

photos from vogue.co.uk

Anyone else feeling like a pina colada on the beach is absolutely necessary right now?






Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Gucci

Time to hit the streets of Italy, Milan to be exact. We’re on week number three (I think) of the spring and summer 2014 fashion season. So far we’ve vicariously travelled to New York and London all without baggage fees! Now that we’re in Milan aka the fashion capital of the world…it’s time to see what’s in store around the cobbled corners. Timeless favorite of label lovers everywhere…Gucci.


Milan Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014












It’s so so so good!





Leaving me a tad speechless…










photos via vogue.co.it