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Out of This World Mani Monday: Galaxy Nail Art

Welcome to Monday stylish sweets!

I did my nails…woohoo!

After the holiday and “The Ugly Christmas Sweater Mani” it was definitely time for a change.  I never know what exactly my nails will look like once I pull out the polish unless inspiration finds me somehow. That’s just what happened last night!

While online in search of some leggings to wear under a few shirts purchased (on sale) from Old Navy during the holiday break.  I found myself scrolling through hundreds of leggings on Only Leggings. While this was happening, I came across these……

Galaxy leggings have been popular for most of last year and doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon. I’m semi OK with that.  Semi because, I want a pair so they can’t go out of style until I get a pair and wear them. Deal? Deal. Anywho, these leggings gave me the perfect inspiration for a nail design!  Here it is!
From start to finish: Keep scrolling to see the steps!!
Step 1: Grab and use any color polish you want and some type of spongy applicator.
Step 2: Paint your nails using any color.  I chose black as my base and a fuchsia color for my ring/accent nail.
Step 3:  Use your spongy applicator. Drop polish unto the sponge until saturated.
I used disposable eye make-up applicators (cheap cheap only $2 for a set of 24 from Target)
Seriously, they are a beauty chicks best friend!
Step 4: Dab saturated spongy thingy onto DRY nails.
Step 5: Finish with a clear/iridescent glitter top coat and voila!
There’s a quick and colorful mani that will definitely stand out from the crowd!


The DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Mani

Remember way back when we got sweaters as gifts?  We’re talking about those hideous, ugly sweaters with balls and glitter and quite possibly needed a battery!  The 80’s and 90’s weren’t very nice to some of us if we can remember those days!

Let me refresh your memory just in case you forgot…

Thankfully and not so thankfully we don’t have to endure those days anymore. Well at least not in total horror. That’s because it’s become a trend this time of year to find one of those “ugly sweaters” and throw a kick-ass party!  Invite all of your friends who are silly enough to wear one of these monstrosities and have a ball!

Katy Perry is doing it!

Thinking of these colorful and bobble filled pieces of wearable cotton, I had an idea! It’s starting to become quite the tradition around Curves and Coffee, for me to do a holiday mani. Yes, I sit around for weeks trying to come up with the perfect idea to attempt on my nails.  Seriously.  Soooo without further delay…

“Ugly Christmas Sweater Mani”
The Outcome
I used all polish by Julep!  I wanted the one “Ugly Sweater” nail to stand out so I painted the rest of the nails in gold then used a matte top coat so all you see is the sparkly goodness is Christmas!
Happy Holidays
Stylish Sweets
Rena xo

There Will Be Blood! Spooky Bloody Halloween DIY Nail Art

Yes! Blood!

Well…pretend blood…on my nails.
Happy Almost Halloween!
It’s Mani Monday!
I spent the weekend trying to figure out what type of Halloween nail art I could come up with that wasn’t too hard.  See, I love DIY’ing my nails but sometimes I get a tad too ambitious and things get a little crazy…I think it’s the polish fumes.
So this idea popped up!  It started with…
“How about I just do black and silver and make a spider and web?”
“Naaah that’s entirely too complicated for a Saturday afternoon.”
 “Hmm, you could do something red, ooh like blood!”
“Oooh! Dripping blood like you just killed something!”
“Yes, that’s it!”
Unhuh…that was my entire thought bubble….hey, when creativity happens, we just go with the flow! 🙂
Now, moving on to the actual mani…step by step with pictures for all to see!
What I used:
Brush (this came in a set of 10 for around $6 at Sally Beauty)
Julep-Trina Turk Edition in Delauney (red)
Julep- Leslie (black sparkle)
Confetti-White Wedding
Confetti- Silver Slippers
Julep Silver Glitter
Julep Quick Dry Nail Drops
a. Start by painting nails with base color (here I used 3 coats white and 2 coats black sparkle for accent nail)
Don’t worry about clean up til you’re all done…things always get messy!
a. On the white nails: place a drop of red polish in a scattered pattern only to mid-nail.
I put a big drop so the end result would give me a 3D effect.
b. Let nails dry just a tad then take nail brush (dipped in red polish) and pull polish from the dot to the tip of the nail.
c. Paint rest of the nail tip with red.
d. Do the exact steps with the accent nail. In my case, black with silver drops.
Seal with a clear top coat…and quick dry drops.
I call these “Blood Splattered”
Think I’m all set to walk into the building with blood on my hands haha!
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Okie dokie trick-or-treaters…what are you dressing up as?

Mani Mania with Essie

Here’s a little sexy colorful “french” Mani Mania for you this Monday!!
Hope you like!
Essie Polish: Licorice (Black) & Navigate Her (Light Green)
1. Paint nails with Navigate Her polish. I used two coats.
2. Once nails are COMPLETELY DRY- Use scotch tape (sticky side down) only leaving the nail tips exposed.
3. Paint tips with Licorice polish.  I only needed one coat for this step.
4. Before tips become completely dry (ie. semi tacky) peel tape slowly off of nails. If you wait til the tips become dry, you  risk peeling the painted tip off with the tape.
5. Seal with a clear top coat, clean up edges and voila!
I got TONS of compliments on this mani!  I cannot wait to do it again!