Chicks Dig The Long Ball

This chick digs it!


It’s no secret around here that I’m a girl who loves her sports. Being a sports fan has its ups and downs but of course when you love your team, you stand by your team. You go to the games, watch them on TV and cheer them on…even go into your home teams stadium and cheer for the opposing team (in my case.) This happens every sports season and baseball season is no different. You can hear me screaming and yelling at the TV or a streaming internet connection. Yep, I’m *that* girl.


So when I heard my favorite MLB team the Atlanta Braves were coming to Detroit to play the Tigers, I couldn’t wait to get tickets! Of course, once the tickets went on sale there were snatched up pretty quickly. Not a problem when  StubHub exists, thank you StubHub! Now my only problem is, what does a girl wear to a baseball game in Michigan during an extended winter in April.





Take Me Out






Ahhh, I happened to work my fashion magic! The game will start off with the sun shining but it will quickly do a 180 and turn chilly as the night time air rolls into the downtown part of the city. As the weather will change from sunny to semi-cold, I went with a warm quilted sweater jacket. The team tee paired with skinny jeans is ALWAYS a hit no matter what you’re doing (plus I want to be comfortable sitting for 3-4 hours outside.) Add some comfy and stylish Nike Jordan kicks and a crossbody (hands-free) bag and VOILA!


I am ready for some baseball!!