Paris Fashion Week- Jitrois: For The Love of Leather

There are few things I love more than I love leather and one of those things are colored leather! Not being a big wearer of leather only an admirer from afar, it’s rare that I find something that urges to be bought (unless it has handles, strap, clasp or a zipper aka handbags.) So imagine my excitement while viewing the fall/winter collection from Jitrois! Founded by Jean-Claude Jitrois in 1983, it really and truly is a line made specifically with leathers. This ain’t your mothers leather either ladies and gents!


A show-stopping, breath-taking and eye-popping show with a spectrum of colors all in leather. J’taime Jitrois!


JC Jitrois

Jacket + a-line skirt = I NEED THIS IN MY CLOSET!

Did I mention this is all leather?

The details on this sweater…..LEATHER!

Off-white leather with sheer… fringe….tulle….ahhhhh!

Structured. Seriously. Man.

Ladies and stylish gents…when I tell you, I am in love, I mean it. Those were some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I’ve seen in a while. I really had to keep reminding myself that it’s leather. Pretty sure that’s why I’m so in love. What do you think? Am I crazy or is my fascination justified?