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Wednesday Wants: Florals


I’m a flower girl. I love flowers, more specifically, floral arrangements. As an allergy sufferer and person that’s scared to death of bugs, I like floral arrangements that sit perfectly on a table. This way, there’s no need to dig in the dirt or get dirty!

The only problem with this…flowers eventually die ?.

So when I came across this site Eternal Fleur while searching for the perfect pink rose, I was ecstatic learn they offer offer buyers a “four season rose”.



THIS is a “four season rose”



A rose that doesn’t die?

Are you serious?!

Apparently, yes and yes!

Well sign me right on up! A single rose can be purchased for about $60 or a box of 4 and even boxes of 16 or multiple boxes. Also featured is a Swarovski crystal covered box of roses BUT be ready to spend lots of your hard earned dollar dollar bills y’all!


This crystal box STARTS at $1,500.



Arent’ they GORGEOUS?!


The roses are to be kept in the box if you want them to last for as long as possible. Be sure to check the site Eternal Fleur because they have all the important deets plus a plethora of desirable roses! Consider this a dropped hint.



Oh and this is NOT an ad 




(photos via eternal fleur dot com. I do not own rights.) 

Sit. Stay. Daykoor.

 IKEA really knows how to reel me in! It’s not that hard, just send me a catalog, I’ll look through EVERY page, and write a mental shopping list! Yea, I’m fairly easy to please. Normally, you guys see the chic and stylish chairs that I love so much like thisthis, and this but today, I’m in love with an ENTIRE sofa!







Of course it was the color that caught my eye first…it’s pink, that’s kind of a no-brainer!


Then very very very shortly after spying fuschia, I saw the functionality of this sofa. It’s a bed, storage area, and a couch…all-in-one! This made it absolutely irresistible! My next task will be heading down the road to the local IKEA to test the comfiness of this contraption (insert dramatic gasp, head shaking, sweating, and fist clinching.) If you’ve ever been inside an IKEA store, you know exactly what I mean. If you have yet to visit….I encourage you to bring: patience, a cell phone with emergency contacts, water, and comfortable shoes!


 Lastly, GRAB THE MAP at the entrance, seriously.


Daykoor: Tux Chair

Surprise!  It’s a chair!!

You guys, it’s a “tuxedo chair” that’s gotta be better than a regular chair, right?

(Reaching, I know but you understand)

This weeks love of my life comes in a dark shade.  Way different from my usual chair obsession like here and here and here.

Still worthy of a glimpse.

tuxedo chair
Thank you Crate & Barrel for feeding my need to decorate an apartment I have no room in! This chair would look great in a room with dark wood floors and sleek modern accessories. Imagine a streamlined sofa in solid charcoal next to it with silver accents on the wall.  This could also work in a men’s room (office or place) I can see a dart board somewhere but a luxe one not the kind with the rubber tips!
A black coffee table would be primo!  Maybe a round glass table between the chair and the sofa (with black legs) YES!  This chair works in so many different ways!
How would you decorate?

Daykoor: Interior Design for your Home Office

By now, you should really know I have quite the obssession with chairs.  In case you’re new here…my fascination with chairs is an odd one and I’m sorry in advance.  Well, not really sorry because you’ll get to see all the wonderful chairs that will bring happiness and joy to your home.  That was a tad dramatic.  Moving on….chaaaaaairs!

These swivel babies were a Pinterest find!  Can you believe it?! Me either!
Brought to us by PB Teen aka Pottery Barn

Now, I’m perfectly aware that it’s for a teens room but Pottery Barn NEEDS to make some magic happen!  Wouldn’t one of these look chic for us regular adult people of the desk sitting world?!  If I were designing an office for someone…those chairs would definitely be a main part of the design.

In case you’re like me and like pink or something “wild”…
go for the zebra print which slightly higher at $369
And if you aren’t looking for a chair that swivels
Check out the Ooh La La arm chair
So…what do you think?

Daykoor: Jonathan Adler

Dare I take a break from fashion week?!  I’m not even there in New York but I’m exhausted like I’ve been in heels for 80 hours and hailing taxis in the late summer heat!  The pictures that I’ve seen from NYFW…..amazeballs! Yep, I just through amazeballs into a blog post. Anywho…just thinking about all of the dramatics just made me wanna sit and be comfy right here at home.

What better way to be comfy than to stroke my need for new furniture (which I don’t really need.) My obsession with chairs has only seemed to become worse since last weeks post. Travelling through the crazy, mixed up world that is patterned furniture…I found this pretty cheeky warmer!

Templeton Chair
If you go to Jonathan Adlers’ site, you can design a custom chair to match any decor.  I can put lime green and black legs on this same chair and have it be the centerpiece of my living room!
Could you imagine the possibilites?  The simple design of this chair lends itself to be a chameleon in your home.  Bright pop of color on contrasting legs.

Same chair, different design!
Here in lies the problem, it will set you back a mean $995-$1,295.  Someone tell Mr. Adler I want to work somewhere in his company and can it come with a Templeton chair as payment?!
All in fun…. “Will work for chairs or sofas.”
Yes, there’s a sofa, headboard, bed and ottoman…a family of Templetons!
Decorate away pretties!





Home decor to be exact.
Chairs to be exacter.
Recently, I realized my fascination with wild upholstered chairs is a bit more than just a fascination.  I’ve been actually hunting down chairs that I dare to desire.  There is absolutely no room in my apartment for a chair but dang nabbit if I don’t find one and put it in storage til I find a bigger place!  I mean, that’s the ONLY logical thing to do, right? LOL
I have absolutely NO idea who makes, who upholstered it or who even uploaded this picture on Pinterest!
All I know is…this chair needs to be in my possession…even if I find this fabric, I’m sure I can find an old chair to be reupholstered.  If anyone knows who, what, when, where, why and how to get this chair…shoot me an email!