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Olympia Le-Tan: Fall/Winter

Olympia Le-Tan
 :: A handbag designer who turns “old books” into cute clutches. I remember reading about these books as clutches a couple of years ago. Always having way too much to carry around with me, I never thought of owning one…very cute and fun to look at, there may be one in my closet soon.

The whole books as handbags thing isn’t what caught my eye this week in Paris. The fashion did. The fall and winter collection from fashion week…well…picture German lederhosen…ok now picture sexy models…now put those two together and you get a collection that’s cutesy, sexy and absolutely to die for!

Think I forgot to mention there were some curvalicious models in her show, haha hope you enjoyed!

Who knew German lederhosen could be so stylish and sexy?!

Paris Fashion Week: Mugler




Futuristic is the first thing that comes to my mind after flipping the runway shots. But then as I started getting further into the pics, I instantly reverted back to high school when Puff Daddy & Mase were hot in the streets. If you’re too young to remember, I’m sorry but everyone wore shiny suits back and Mugler gives it us. A bit of the past mixing with the future. Creative, I love it for making my brain turn to mush.


That’s it for now, there’s tons of show today in the wee wee wee hours of the night or morning to attend. By attend I totally mean pulling out my laptop at 3am which will be 9am in Paris and watching a few shows in my pajamas with a little warm green tea…yum.

Paris Fashion Week: Barbara Bui

Fashion designer Barbara Bui is one of the many reasons I love fashion. She’s kind of like me! Starting a line in 1987 after coming from the literary world ( …um hello…that’s me (almost!) I’ve always loved fashion and starting this blog after college has been so much fun! Not the typical office setting with degree plaques on the wall but I love it. Designing isn’t in my near future but who knows! It’s always fun to see where life takes you. By the way, Bui also designs amazing clothes, just look at a few faves from the clean lines and ultimate chic fall/winter collection.



The coat: I need. Lace pants: Yes. Cropped Everything: If you got it, flaunt it.

(photo credits: Getty Images)

Any designer that wears black leather pants and wedge sneakers can do no wrong in my book.

Alexis Mabille – Fall Winter 2013


Just let me get his entire collection in my size, please! So far we’re learning that a pant suit will be absolutely necessary when the fall season arrives. I’m totally cool with idea as long as it’s from Alexis Mabille! If you’ve been paying attention, this is the same designer who produced the gown that Zoe Saldana wore to the Oscars just a few days ago. Anywho, color blocked dresses, harem pants, animal prints and bows…all you need to know!



The details

Sleek side parts, big satin bows and that perfect stained lip! Oh and gorgeous models…


Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter Ready To Wear 2013

Eifel Tower: Paris, France. Google Images

Bonjour amis! Oui oui!

Of course we’re in the city of love and one of the fashion capitals of all things haute couture. That’s right it’s Paris baby! As with all the past fashion weeks, I’ve virtually “jet set” across the globe to every runway show. Once my virtual G5 lands at the airport I’m busy uploading wonderful pics of my favorite looks from a variety of designer collections. First up for our starry eyes are Alexis Mabille and Mugler. Hope you enjoy the fascinating faves!