Friday Faves: Revlon Affordable Lips To Pucker Up To

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After falling in love with COLORBURST Balm Stain by Revlon a year or two ago, I almost jumped at the chance to try out their matte lip colors! Fast-forward to my attention span being as short as a millisecond, I totally forgot about picking one up on my many (many many many) trips to Target until now. Better late than never right? Right! Here’s my fall go-to lip color…a gorgeous deep Merlot-grapey-yummy color.


Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in  “Shameless” no.215


Revlon has an array of colors for their COLORBURST collection. I’ve found that almost all of them work well with any skin tone.


The matte trend for lips has its moments of perfection and downfall…have a powwow to see which fits your lips and find that key to unlocking blissfully kissable lips.

I’ve wanted to try this since I first laid eyes on Emma Stone in the ads! Yes, I might be one of those people (the best kind of consumer) who buys something because a celebrity endorses it. Not saying I’ll buy anything just because of that reason but I will buy anything the gorgeous and lovable Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde likes.  Not to mention it’s gorgeous color for under $10! Yes, please!

emmastone2Photo via Revlon

Also on the “Why I love It” list…

Hello! It’s like 6 bucks at any drugstore for starters!  Even though it’s a “matte” lip color, it’s actually very nourishing. It’s not something that will dry your lips out, in fact, you can rub your lips together and the color stays put. The shape is perfect for any purse or wallet. Never a need to use a sharpener…just twist the bottom and voila!

If you’ve purchased any of the Revlon stains or balms….what’s your favorite? Let’s share our goodies!