Classic Style: Plus Size Outfit Ideas

Remember the basics?


The classics?


It’s so easy to forget these days with new trends popping up every other week. Yes, some trends are dope and fun to wear but sometimes, you just want to wrap yourself in a regular pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee!


Recently, I was selected by La Redoute (a fashion store based in the UK) to participate in a competition for fashion bloggers. This competition gives a special blogger a chance to become La Redoutes’ Brand Ambassador and win a trip to Paris! If you’ve been reading along here, you know that I absolutely LOVE Paris!


Needless to say, I hopped on this opportunity! The competition was to simple create a post to display MY personal Style Secrets. This is what this post is about…the classics. My absolute fave classic pieces are just that, jeans and crisp white top.




classic style





This look can be worn dressed up or dressed down, on the weekends or even running errands during the week.  I gave you guys two different ways to wear one outfit and you’ll look great in either one!



Looking for more classic pieces, jump here (Secrets to French Style by La Redoute) to see what my favorite city in the whole entire world is up to. No one does classic like the French!



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