Queen of Hearts: Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art

The day for lovers is right around the corner so naturally I have the perfect mani and nail art to show off! By perfect, I totally mean, perfect for the day.

In case you weren’t aware, my favorite color is pink, a particular shade of pink. It can’t be too light and it can’t be too bright…sort of right in the middle. All shades of pink are great but there’s only ONE that gets all of my love! That can become fairly tedious when it comes to finding the perfect shade for my nails and toesies. Whenever I do come across that absolutely amazing pink, I tend to buy a lot of stock!

For this nail art, none other than Essie’s “Mod Squad” would do the trick!

(The specks are actually glitter from a sparkling hand lotion…not too sure why it shows up on camera like I rolled in lint…sorry. Also, after seeing the zoom version….I missed several clean up spots lol ok I’m done critiquing. It’s the perfectionist/OCD in me.)

This cute Valentine’s Day nail art design was super quick and very easy!

Base coat.

Outline hearts.

Fill hearts.

Top coat.

Clean up.

See! Simple!

Give it a try and be sure to send me a pic!