National Coffee Day 2013: Featuring Camus Coffee

It’s finally here!

Hopefully you guys are going out today, even if it’s only to grab your free cup of java!! That’s my plan at least. Free coffee might be the best beverage giveaway in this entire world next to water! National Coffee Day takes place at the end of September and continues to boost brands and businesses each year.

This year, I had the lovely opportunity to taste TWO coffee flavors from Camus Coffee. A brand that’s fairly new to the coffee world, Camus Coffee provided me with their most popular roasts…French Roast and Signature Blend. Trying a new ANYTHING can be scary but trying a new coffee can sometimes be delightfully delicious!

Pronounced KAH-MOO (use your French tongue!)

As a producer of luxury cognacs Maison Camus has now ventured into the coffee making business….pretty sweet if you ask me! “Already found in Harrods (London), Takashimaya (Singapore), and the Ritz-Carlton (Shanghai), CAMUS Coffee focuses on the highest end of the quality scale, similarly to CAMUS Cognacs which are driven by qualities XO and above.” ~ Maison Camus

Camus also has a signature “adult beverage” aptly called the “CAMUCCINO”. Fortunately and unfortunately…I was only able to try the coffees which are superb…seriously, superb! The CAMUCCINO is a blended coffee cocktail that mixes Camus Cognac AND Maison Camus Coffee (French Roast) for what I can guess is a mouth full of joy!


Pretty sure I won’t be staying up after having that tasty drink! More like curling up next to my honey and watching a movie for the night. So, um, hey, how can I get my hands on some Camus Cognac?! 😉

If you would like to get your hands and tastebuds onto CAMUS Coffee…it can be found on for an affordable $18 (for two boxes).


To learn more about CAMUS Coffee, enjoy this PDF brochure {Camus Brochure}
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Hang on to your coffee cups and enjoy Coffee Break With The CEO

Disclosure: I (Rena/Curves And Coffee) was contacted and provided samples to taste and was not in any way paid or obligated to do a review and/or blog post on Curves And Coffee for Camus Coffee. It was purely my choice to comment and share my opinion. I am not affiliated with Camus, Maison Camus, or Deussen Global.