I Can See Clearly Now

How many of you stylish sweets wear glasses?

 I’m betting it’s a lot.

Even if you don’t wear glasses, one of the major trends of 2013 is the “nerdy look.” Add a pair of non-prescription black rimmed glasses to any look and you’re “in-style,” amazing! Well, I’m here to tell you…I’m a wearer of glasses. I’ve worn them since high school. Tried contacts but with astigmatism…that can become a task.


Glasses it is!


It’s time for me to get a new pair and I usually purchase two pair at a time (for fashion purposes of course.) For that reason, I’ve been looking at more “affordable” places besides paying several hundred dollars per pair. My current pairs are DKNY…with that designer price plus the cost of lenses, I’m definitely looking save some coins while updating my look.


So, I was watching tv one day when this commercial aired from Glasses dot com





Totally had me confused!

At first, I was thinking…this can’t be a real commercial. You’re telling me that I can get 5 pairs of glasses delivered to me, keep them for a week, try them out, and then send them back…FOR FREE?! Seriously, for free? This is genius! It definitely has to be too good to be true. So I clicked on over to Glasses to see what the site was all about, low and behold, it’s pretty legit! It also helped that their verified Twitter account tweeted me to confirm their realness. After that, I was down with the cause and picked out five frames that I liked and had them sent to me.


Here’s how the frames arrive (non prescription)



And here’s the five pair I picked.

(I have a round face so I tend to stick with squared frames and stay faaaar away from round ones)

How cool is that?!

Amazing presentation too! Kudos to Glasses.com! Sleek black box with white satin interior is simple but perfect for seeing any and everything in the box.

Now, I bet you’re wondering…how do the glasses look on my chubby little face? Well, let me give you the rundown on HOW this came about: I seriously forgot all about taking pics until my mother (shocker!) asked me Friday night “when do you need to send those glasses back?” Of course, I knew they needed to be back within seven days but for some odd reason, it skipped my mind!

*insert mini panic attack*

I wasted NO time and grabbed the box of frames pulled my hair up and started snapping away! I grabbed some lip gloss and my makeup brush for a quick touch-up so excuse any flaws in my technique.


Even though Curves And Coffee is a “judge-free zone”  I still feel the need to give you guys a warning: these aren’t my best selfies LOL! 

Thank goodness for a photo filter that reduces shine, HA!

Time to vote!

Which frames are your favorite from this group?


There might be another five frames soon since the availability of certain frames were limited. Figuring, I’ll take the three or four choices with the most votes and put them against each other and by 2015 we should have a winner! Just kidding! Should only take a couple of weeks.