Tune In: Solange

Hey stylish sweets!

Busy busy busy week for me…my brain is already on overload.

The one thing that helps ease my mind other than shopping is music. So today, we’re gonna listen to some tunes!

Starting Tuesday off with Solange…I can listen to her every single day!

Ok, little bit of background info…Melanie Fiona might just be my new musical hero! I’ve always loved her voice and her studio albums but what I didn’t know was…she has a YouTube channel AND she sings covers of popular songs. Here’s the kicker: Ms. Fiona also records the beat and background vocals for her covers. Listen no seriously, LISTEN!

Now, here’s the Wale version of his own song. This was posted in a music post a couple weeks ago but if you missed it or haven’t heard it…

Finish up the Tuesday tune-in with Trinidad James. Now, everyone doesn’t get into this artist but he’s cool with me. This is his newest single “Females Welcomed” I love the visuals of this vid because he’s representing his birth place of…drum roll please…. Trinidad! Enjoy!

Okie dokie stylish sweets, that’s it for now. I’ll more than likely get a few more post in today before my week gets extra extra crazy. I’m spending the week with my Mom so posts may be sporadic. You can always find me on Twitter….tweet tweet tweeting away!