Mmm! Coffee!

It’s not even 5 pm on this Thursday and I’m already thinking of sleep. Either I’m getting old or I need to adjust my sleep dial to the “snooze more” area.  Let’s go with the latter pretty please.  As I wander around the streets of the wonderful world of…hmm…well…I was just tweeting on Twitter.  Tweets about how I’d like a nap.  Suddenly, I realized, since I worked from home today, there was no time to stop by Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts or anything morning coffee seller!  That’s what my body was missing!!

Holy #*$)#!!  How is it after 4 pm and my veins aren’t pumped with dark roast?  At this point, you guys should be truly appalled by this lack of commitment.  You should be mad I didn’t wake up early on a day my body didn’t need to move just for coffee!  Caffeine, yeah, had that…Mountain Dew has been my drug of choice this Thursday but no coffee.

Know what I need….yep, you guessed it!  An at-home, out of this world coffee making machine-ma-thingy-jiggit!  Guess who makes one now…yep Starbucks!!

Coffee + Starbucks + At Home = Best Idea Ever!
ORSomething you could do without…you make the call.

Yes, I’d like a Keurig (which I still do believe me) but I wouldn’t mind this either!  It’s $199 which is about the same price as the Keurig model I want sitting on my kitchen counter. This model may be a lot sleeker and stylish. The reviews are fairly decent from coffee lovers i.e. the only opinion I trust when it comes to heavy brewing machinery.  Most say the brew is delicious and that’s all that really matters after-all.

What say you?
Would you make the purchase?