Morning Linkage: Cup 11 (National Coffee Day)

Captains Log:  Today is Saturday, the 29th day of September in year 2012.  It is also known as National Coffee Day.

A sci-fi reference on a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog about curvy things…that’s gotta NOT be a first!  Maybe a first for Curves and Coffee but it also might be the last.  If I didn’t lose you and you’re still here reading after only four sentences or so…thank you LOL!

Back to the topic of warm roasted coffee beans…

National Coffee Day?  What? I’m obligated to fill my belly with medium and dark roast all the live long day!  This also means I’m tempted to drive around to every coffee place and get whatever free cup they’re offering!  Well, not really seeing as though the price of gasoline is still very close to $4.00 around these northern parts and well, mama likes to shop!

This should also be constituted as Morning Linkage since I’m going to fill you in on a lil Saturday java goodness!

16 National Coffee Day Freebies! ~ Yahoo

History & More Coffee Day Freebies! ~ Huffpost

Can you believe Starbucks isn’t having anything?! Craziness!

You might wanna head on over to Twitter and follow Dunkin…

In celebration of Nat’l Coffee Day, tweet how u take ur DD Coffee & #DunkinNCD for a chance 2 win a pound of DD Coffee
— Dunkin’ Donuts (@DunkinDonuts) September 28, 2012

In case you’re wondering, yes, yes I did get hungry and thirsty while typing up this post!  I also want more caffeine so I fought with my better judgement and drank a soda (pop as we say) Believe me, coffee will be had by all in just a few hours!

Google for all things coffee!


Enjoy your Saturday sweets!