GO GO GO  <—- Click it!! Pretty please!

This may be a shameless post or not really but I signed up to be a Julep Maven at Julep.  I pay $19.99 a month to get nail polish and other mani/pedi goodies in the mail every month!  I got my first package which included two different nail polishes and an exfoliating and moisterizing lotion…which you can read H E R E.

The shameless part…

If I get a certain number of referrals, I get a free month of goodies!! Amazing right?!  I think so.  You can sign up just like I did.  You’ll take a quick quiz to determine what your fashion style is by answering questions about outfits and shoes and things of the like.

My style: I’m a Bombshell!!

The link above that says “Go Go Go and click it” takes you to my referral page to sign up!  I’m not pushing you to do it, I just think it’s a pretty cool thing for us beauty freaks.

So that wasn’t THAT shameless, was it? 😉