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Personal Style Meets Trendy: Shopping for Plus Size Clothes

Personal style, do you have it?


Being a style and fashion writer comes with tons of responsibility. I owe it to you guys to share what I know about being a caffeinated curvy girl with a fashion mind. Sometimes, people ask about my own personal style… What do you wear on a date? Are jumpers ok to wear? Would you wear a jumper? and things like that. Usually, a quick answer will do but sometimes it’s much better to show than to tell.


Surprisingly, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Not that I don’t wear heels, skirts, and dresses…it’s just easier (and quicker when you’re always running late) to grab those jeans/jeggings and run out the door. The best thing you *and I* can add to a simple casual outfit to make it stylish?


Here’s a HINT: They’re a girls best friend!






Personal Style: Jeans & T-Shirt










A little sparkle goes a long way!




Of course a girl can’t be a stylish fashionista without wearing something UBER chic! Enter my idea of cutting edge! By pairing colors you’d never think would go together, you’ll have a one of a kind outfit! Don’t be afraid to try new styles and textures curvy girls!




Personal Style: Cutting Edge






The white hot sparkles featured in these style boards are via jeweler Brilliant Earth. I’ve always admired this company for their conflict free diamonds. If you’ve ever joined me on Pinterest, you’ll see tons of rings, bracelets, and earrings pinned from their site. Being able to purchase diamonds that are from ethically safe regions and mines is very important. Brilliant Earth makes sure the workers are well taken care of. You can read more about Brilliant Earth’s ethical practices and their effort to change the way diamonds are sourced…here.


As much as I want to share my outfits in real time with you guys, it’s just a hard task with everything going on but never fear…soon my stylish sweets…soon!




(Disclaimer: I was not paid or given goods to mention Brilliant Earth in this post nor am I affiliated with Brilliant Earth in any kind of way. I was asked to participate in a Personal Style Post for fashion bloggers who have great style.)

Shopping for Wide Calf Boots: A How-To Guide

 ‘Tis the season for boots!


Whether you like them short or tall, pointed or round, there’s a pair for every mood!


Some of us curvy girls have a hard time finding boots with a wide shaft to fit our calves or even the width of our feet. I’ve been lucky enough to fit into medium width and regular shaft boots, thank goodness for something positive in the gene pool but several of my fellow curvy girls aren’t so lucky. Shopping for boots can become a tedious and overwhelming task for anyone. To help ease the stress of that shopping trip, I’ve found a few of the trendiest, stylish, and most comfortable fitting boots.


See the 10 pairs of boots and booties that are ALL available in wide widths and/or wide calf sizes.



Walking In A Winter Wonderland




1. Route 66 “Tahlia” Boot ~ Kmart


2. Naya “Apollonia” Boot ~ Nordstrom


3. Bandolino “Callan” Wide Calf Boot ~ Zappos


4. Isaac Mizrahi New York “Arno” Lycra Stretch Boot ~ Nordstrom


5. Bella-Vita Walker Brown Herringbone Boot ~ Zappos


6. Oxford Lace-Up Booties ~ Torrid


7. Sam Edelman “Petty” Booties ~ Nordstrom


8. Sole Society “Helena” Booties ~ Nordstrom


9. BC Footwear “Building Blocks” Booties ~ Nordstrom


10. Tildon “Flawless” Booties ~ Nordstrom



The average shaft size for knee high boots range from 13-15cm. Most boots that are designed to fit wider calves and 16,17cm and above. If you aren’t sure how your feet and calves will fit into a new pair of boots, simply use a flexible tape measure (like this one here) and measure the circumference of the widest part of your calf. If you plan on wearing your jeans or pants tucked into the inside of those new boots, make sure you give yourself enough room. For example, if your calf measurement is 15 without jeans, WITH jeans it’s should be a centimeter or two larger. Therefore, a regular pair of knee high boots won’t fit comfortably.


If you’re going to be out there “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”….be sure to keep your feet warm!


UPDATE: #9 BC Booties are completely sold out BUT here is a similar pair ~ NaturalSoul by Naturalizer $60 ~ Kohls

It Was The Winter

One day, I wore a hoodie.


The next day, I wore a thin jacket.


Today, I’m wearing a parka, hat, scarf, gloves, and several layers!


Not too sure about where you guys are but if it’s anywhere in the states, you’re probably freezing right about now! Even the southern states (which are usually in the 60-70 degree range) this time of year are experiencing frigid temps. Not to mention my friends on the west coast…they’re not too sure how to cope with “Winter 2013”, trust me…I have the text message conversations to prove it!


So what’s a curvy girl to do if she’s living in this current arctic air?


She shops for a stylish, trendy, and warm coat of course!




Meet six jackets and coats that are right on trend for whatever temps you’re facing out there…



Baby Its Cold Outside










Plus size fashion shouldn’t be a hard thing to shop for and that’s why I’m here! Here to help more curvy girls during times like Winter Storm Dion. I’m willing to do the research and shopping so you don’t have to! These plus size winter coats are curvy girl approved and ready to be the new addition to your winter wardrobe!






Ready for the weather because, “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

Welcome to December stylish sweets!

There are officially 23 days left til Christmas, can you believe it?!

If you still have any shopping left to do, then this guide is for you!

Last year, we went over what to buy those special people in your life with the Gift Giving at Any Budget GuideThis year, I’m doing it little differently. The following tips and ideas are perfect for getting you through that quick mall trip that turns into a three-four hour event!

The most important thing: COMFORT! You do not want to wander around the mall for hours in heels, a dress, a skirt, a heavy coat, or even tight jeans for that matter (unless of course they’re stretch!)

The following outfit is great for doing everything you need to do.

Holiday Shopping Survival Guide: 1

A crossbody bag that’s big enough to hold your scarf and gloves but not too big that it gets in your way. Think “hands-free”.

Leggings, yes curvy girls, leggings! Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t wear leggings! These are the best thing to happen to the fashion world since….since….well, you get the idea! Make sure you’re wearing a top long enough so that it covers your butt. That’s very important, especially if you happen to have a pair of leggings that aren’t Lululemon proof.

Next, you want to have bobby pins….no brainer, right?!

Finally, the footwear. You want to be stylish but comfortable not stylish and in pain. A flat biker boot is the way to go.

I know you’re probably thinking…what about a coat?! Here’s the thing about coats…they’re hot, bulky, and cumbersome. If you wear a coat, you’re going to take it off eventually, then you’re stuck carrying it…you don’t want that. I say, try your best to get a close parking spot and make a run for the door! Or there’s always those mall lockers if they’re available at your location, definitely use one of those if a coat is a must!

Now, if you’re going to have a purse during your shopping adventure, make sure it’s a cross body bag. For the obvious reasons like hands free shopping, it’s a great safety measure. No matter what town, city or suburb you live in, thieves are right around the corner and it’s best to protect yourself any way you can.

By wearing a crossbody bag, a would be thief will have a harder time snatching it off your body. It’s also great because carrying a heavier tote or clutch…just isn’t a comfy idea.


Holiday Shopping Survival Guide: 2

So, what is mandatory for your shopping event?

Nothing that’ll weigh your shoulders or the bag down. Just make sure you have the essentials. For me, that includes a travel sized brush, hair ties, lotion & body spray, a long lasting colored lip gloss, a wallet, hand sanitizer, and sunglasses. Those are pretty much everyday items for me, I never ever ever leave home without them. You want to try to look as fresh leaving the mall than when you came in.

I’ve been that chick that leaves the mall looking haggered. I get home and people are asking me if I’m ok, are you feeling alright, do you need water?! You don’t want that. You’re tired, annoyed, hot and bothered and trust me, looking how you feel at that moment is the pits! You walked into the mall to get things done so feeling accomplished is the look you’re going for. A quick moisture spray and foundation touch-up somewhere between Macy’s and the Food Court mid-adventure should do the trick.

At that point, you’re halfway done or heading towards the door.

That means….

Once you’re done…you’re done!


Favorite Bag Friday! (I’m feeling a little Lucky)

Have you guys just been dying to see the bag I won from Lucky Mag?! If you haven’t, trust me, I’ve done enough waiting and biting of my nails for ALL OF US!!

To catch some of you stylish sweets up (in case you missed it): I was invited to do a “Contributor Challenge” on LuckyMag.com a few months back for Seventh Generation. The purpose was to test out their new face serum and write a blog post that embodied “Natural Style Secrets”…you can see the original post here on Curves And Coffee or on the contributing section of Lucky Mag.

Of course, I didn’t expect to win anything, I just simply put my best foot er face forward and took a leap! Thankfully, you guys are the best readers/friends a chick could ever have! Without hesitation you shared, voted, and encouraged me to continue and for that, I am forever grateful.

Now to the good part…

I got an email in October, telling me I won the contest but me being the pessimistic cautious person that I am, there was some research and Googling going on before I believed the email. So after making sure everything was legit, signing an affidavit, getting it notarized, scanning it, emailing it,  then mailing said affidavit (yes, it was that serious…) Now, my expectations weren’t high at all. I was expecting a small clutch or cross body bag but…


At this point, I was literally hyperventilating trying to get through the tissue paper and remembering to take pics (blogger problems)

Nope! Our eyes aren’t playing tricks on us!

That/this is INDEED a leather MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Chain Tote

(as seen here in black)

How I wore it:

Messy top knot, fuchsia lip, cat eye and grunged down…all the way down!

I took this pic while on my way out and running fashionably late (as usual…sometimes 😉 so never mind the pure look of “hurry up and take the pic” on my face!

The Details:

Camo Jacket (at least 10 years old so I couldn’t tell you how much it was!)

Lords Of Liverpool Tank ~ California Republic ~ Nordstrom ~ $38

Jeans ~ Debs ~ $16

Moto Buckle Boots ~  Dirty Laundry/Chinese Laundry  ~ (bought last year) ~ $89

And of course…THE BAG

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote ~ $298 ~ Gifted!

(see after a little filter magic…)

So, what does a “Social Engagement Winner” do? She engages with her social networks on a daily basis….I love you guys so of course I’m gonna talk to you and share juicy details everyday! But … This bag is HUGE! I could seriously live out of this bag for a weekend if need be. Oh and that lock….it’s heavy!

Take my word for it when I tell you…this is my NEW favorite bag!


30 Days 30 Shoes of September: Days 8-16

Notice anything different? Ok, ok, I’ll just tell you! Curves And Coffee got a tiny facelift! Uber excited about the new digs. You guys know I’m a perfectionist and a lotta OCD soooo changing my mind is sort of my thing. Well, changing colors are my thing. That also explains why I buy more hair dye than a platinum blonde!




While fashion season is going on around us, it’s been hard to focus my brain on one thing at once. Hence this delayed post for 30 Days 30 Shoes…so sorry stylish sweets. Never fret, I’m here to make your wishlists longer with lots of great shoes that are *drumroll* under $100!!





 photo sho1.png


2095 NYLQUILTU ~ $54.99 (on sale now) ~ Superga 




 photo sho2.png

(Wide Calf) Zane Boot by Brash ~ $59 ~ Payless





 photo sho4.png


Ceil Slip On Mocc Toe ~ $79 ~ Hush Puppies






 photo sho3.png


Karbon Cut Out Zippered Pump by Brash ~ $29 ~ Payless







 photo sho9.png


Gala Pump by Heart Soul ~ $59 ~ DSW




 photo sho26.png


Strut Wedge ~ $89 ~ ZIGI Soho





 photo sho16.png photo sho17.png


Pink & Pepper Shield Sneaker ~ $59 ~ DSW




 photo sho18.png


Don’t yell at me ok, but these are over our $100 budget… In my defense, I couldn’t resist them and you can’t beat the regular price of $189!!


Jaxen Flat by Messeca ~ $104 ~ DSW





 photo sho7.png  photo sho8.png


Traffic Oxford by Restricted ~ $54 ~ DSW  more colors at  Restricted Shoes



And there you have it! Nine pairs of super gorg shoes all under $100 (all except one and I’ll make it up to you, I promise!)




Fall Fashion Trends: Savvy Savers Edition

Time to shop and save!


Just like last week, when we viewed some of the most expensive items for the fall fashion trends, we’re going to take a look at more affordable trendy pieces.



Where can plus size women find trendsetting fashion, you ask…


Here’s the answer, trend by trend…





Where to buy


1) $35 ~ Camo Sneaker ~ GUESS


2) $25 ~ Camo Skinny Jeans ~ Deb Shops


3) $64 ~ Camo 501 ~ New Balance


4) $50 ~ Halter Maxi Dress ~ Ashley Stewart


5) $69 ~ Twill & Leather Jacket ~ Dollhouse




Where to buy (clockwise from left)


$50 ~ Multi-zip Jacket ~ Ashley Stewart


$128 ~ Harlow Biker Jacket ~ City Chic


$36 ~ Faux Leather Sleeveless Top ~ ING


$59 ~ Frill Blondie Jacket ~ One Stop Plus





Where to buy 




1) $8 ~ Plaid Leggings ~ Rue 21


2) $27 ~ Snapback Baseball Hat ~ Debshops


3) $27  ~ Destructed Skinny Jeans ~ Debshops


4) $35 ~ Harrison Boot by Route 66 ~ KMart


5) $17 ~ Sleeveless Flannel Top ~ Rue 21


6) $19 ~ Lace-Up Bootie by Bongo ~ KMart



But wait!


There’s more….


I have a penchant for expensive things but the budget of a pauper. So when it’s time for me to ACTUALLY pull the trigger and buy something, you better believe I’m making a well-thought budget conscious decision. Although, there are several items I don’t mind spending a little extra money on and those pieces are usually wardrobe staples. Think, classic and timeless but when it comes to trends…I’m definitely the cheap chic chick!






Where to buy (from left to right)


$26 ~ Mossimo Peep Toe Pump ~ Target


$79 ~ Go Grey Military Jacket by Last Kiss ~ Alight


$37 ~ Aldo Black & White Studded Satchel ~ ASOS


$22 ~ Black Moto Vest by Bongo ~ Kmart 


$40 ~ Snake Print Stilettos ~ Target





Where to buy (clockwise)


$60 ~ Military Jumpsuit ~ Ashley Stewart


$64 ~ Lulu by Lulu Guinness ~ JCPenney


$14 ~ Xhilaration Patent Pump ~ Target




Where to buy


1) $68 ~ BCBGeneration Tote ~ Macy’s


2) $98 ~ Steve Madden Satchel ~ Macy’s


3) $178 ~ Legacy Flap Clutch ~ Coach




See, it’s easy to stay on trend, in style, and on budget! Let’s thank our lucky shopping stars for stores like Target, Ashley Stewart, OSP, Macy’s, and JCPenney! If you want reminisce about the drool worthy items from last week, be sure to CLICK~~~> HERE (Colors Part One) and HERE (90’s Grunge Part Two)


Time to go shopping!