It Was The Winter

One day, I wore a hoodie.


The next day, I wore a thin jacket.


Today, I’m wearing a parka, hat, scarf, gloves, and several layers!


Not too sure about where you guys are but if it’s anywhere in the states, you’re probably freezing right about now! Even the southern states (which are usually in the 60-70 degree range) this time of year are experiencing frigid temps. Not to mention my friends on the west coast…they’re not too sure how to cope with “Winter 2013”, trust me…I have the text message conversations to prove it!


So what’s a curvy girl to do if she’s living in this current arctic air?


She shops for a stylish, trendy, and warm coat of course!




Meet six jackets and coats that are right on trend for whatever temps you’re facing out there…



Baby Its Cold Outside










Plus size fashion shouldn’t be a hard thing to shop for and that’s why I’m here! Here to help more curvy girls during times like Winter Storm Dion. I’m willing to do the research and shopping so you don’t have to! These plus size winter coats are curvy girl approved and ready to be the new addition to your winter wardrobe!






Ready for the weather because, “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

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