October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month



What It Is:


Every year, I look forward to this month for this exact reason. Even though, we’re able to fight for a cure throughout the year, October serves as a time when brands, professional sports, and many more acknowledge the fight. There are tons of ways to help fight for a cure and throughout the month of October, I will share the many ways I find.



Why It Means So Much:


Four years ago, I lost my grandmother to breast cancer. She fought for an incredible 20+ years after her initial diagnosis. As a survivor and a fighter, she made sure I understood the cause even as a kid. So today, I strive to make sure the world knows how important it is to find a cure. This is probably why I love the color pink so much now! My grandmother is also the same woman who made sure I was an oddball for life by making me left-handed…soooo I’m pretty sure she forced pink on me too 🙂



How To Fight:


The easiest way to protect yourself is to check yourself! FEEL YOUR BOOBIES! Ladies, it can’t be any easier than that! In the shower or laying in the bed, softly grab those boobs of yours and caress them like no on has ever caressed them before!









Fight on!