Stepping Into Spring with Stylish Shoes

It’s been a while since I’ve went shoe shopping…by a while I mean a couple months. So yes, this is what I’d call a “drought” and I am upset about it! The best thing to do in this scenario: look at the new arrivals from the spring and summer lines that are going up on store shelves. Plus this will give me (and you) a pretty good idea of what we need covering our toesies in the coming weeks.


I’m a true girly girl with a sports edge so my shoe collection ranges from extreme heels to low skateboard type sneakers. Try to stay versatile with your shoe game because you never know when a certain pair will come in handy. If you want to try something new and different from your normal shoe-style, stick with the least expensive stores and brands. It’s not really a good idea to spend $250 on 2-inch hidden platform, 5-inch heels if you’ve never worn a pair before.


So, here’s where the fun part comes in! As I do with all shopping posts, there will be a dreamy high price shoe and “the look for less” shoe! Let’s get shoe shopping…

Stepping Into Spring

Stepping Into Spring by curvesandcoffee featuring strappy sandals


(arranged by rows)


1. India Wedge ~ Coach    ——   Queen T-Strap ~ Brash/Payless


2.  Miles Floral Print ~ Tory Burch    ——    Keds ~ Kate Spade


3. McQ Abstract Floral ~ Alexander McQueen      ——   Delphine Flat ~ Coach

Stepping Into Spring ~ 1

Stepping Into Spring ~ 1 by curvesandcoffee featuring high heels wedges


(arranged by rows)


1. Dabney Wedges ~ Kate Spade     ——     Color Garden ~ Naughty Monkey


2. Serrano ~ Carlos Santana    ——  Konstellation Strappy Wedge ~ Brash/Payless


Stepping Into Spring ~ 2

Stepping Into Spring ~ 2 by curvesandcoffee featuring peep toe pumps


(Arranged by rows)


1. Licorice Heel ~ Kate Spade    ——    Kit Bow Pump ~ Payless


2. Larimore Cherry Blossom ~ Alice + Olivia    ——   Floral Pump ~ Diba Ryder


3. BB Floral Silk Print ~ Manolo Blahnik     ——    Arbour Pump ~ Carvel Kurt Geiger





Well, that was fun! It was like window shopping without all the extra walking! Hope you saw something that will fit your spring closet and wardrobe. Remember to mix it up a little!

Happy Shopping!


xo Rena