Paws Up!

Aww look at mamas baby!  That there is the love of my life… Chipper Jones.  Yes, I love my Atlanta Braves and Larry Wayne Jones so much I named my dog after him!  Call me crazy or just a fan but you know you can’t resist that face!  Besides that loveable beagle face, those were my “credentials” and name tag…

Around this time last Saturday, I had the privilege of volunteering my time to helping shelter animals.  I am a true pet lover indeed!  As mentioned in “Around Town” the 5th Annual Paws in the Park is an one day event to raise money for Michigan’s shelter animals.  Gotta say,  had a total blast!  Can’t wait for next years event!

Here are a couple of pics I managed to snag while dogs strutted their stuff on the catwalk for the costume contest:

If there was one thing I could complain about, it would be my lack of photos from the event!  As someone that was helping, I wasn’t able to snap as many pics as I would’ve liked.  Assigned to the games, contests and prizes area, I became a judge for the many events for dogs and their owners.  Now, I love my dog and cat buuuuut you won’t see me dancing and dressing them up (in public) someone could see me haha!  Anywho, these animal lovers did just the opposite!
Volunteering is one of lifes greatest joys (next to shopping and maybe sex lol) but if you are able and have the time, do it!  Find places in your area and give some time.  Some places may not advertise they need help but the chances of them turning you away are pretty slim.  If it really isn’t your “thing” try searching for something you like doing and go from there.  Truly warms your heart and helps that whole karma cosmic cosmos thing 🙂