NYFW Faves: SS2013 Part 4

Hope everyone is enjoying my handpicked faves from this years Spring/Summer extravaganza!  It was touch and go for a minute there earlier this week…dizzy from the all the patterns, lack of caffeine and sleep…didn’t think I was gonna make it through to watch live shows from my computer!!  Clearly I did and that made it all the more fun to cuddle up in bed sans make-up and heels to watch the shows!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all or had just about enough fashion for one week…some designer restores your faith in humanity with its’ first look!  I’m not saying these shows were anything less than stellar but I was concerned about a few things or lack thereof from a couple designers.  Luckily, it there were only a few looks I completely despised.  Thankfully for you, you won’t see those here, I like showcasing things that I actually enjoyed from fashion week.

Ok, back to the fashions!!
Part 4
All photos above are courtesy of MBFW

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