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Tassel me, baby!

They’re in, they’re hot, they’re everywhere and I’m down for the cause!  Tassels are literally popping up on EVERYTHING!

(BEE TEE DUB/BTW….. I did sing/rap that, out loud, in the bed, in front of the laptop with my cat laying next to me.) That is more than likely a sign I’m sleep deprived but that’s neither here nor there!

Moving right along…..



Let’s see some tassels!!

Smartphone tassel charm….you are currently in my shopping cart!  For $28 by Cara Accessories, there’s nothing more chic and affordable!  It seriously looks like it costs over 100 bucks, easily!

Buy it at Nordstrom 



Did someone say booty?  Ahhh Cole Haan why must you do these things to me?!  I’m not ready to spend $400 on shoes this year so I showed these to my mom…the conversation went like this: Ooooh those are cute!  I like them, they’re only $400!! Oh really mother? So you’re saying I can have them? No, I’m saying they’re cute.


Kiltie Bootie



Cole Haan



ALL of the Coach fall line needs to be in my closet!  Everything has a tassel and everything is gorgeous!  When I first saw the soon-to-be fall line via my favorite site in the whole wide world… (PurseBlog) I was not so amazed but NOW…I want it all!  Literally, the entire site could be posted right here but I’ll just post a few faves…check out the rest at






Bobbles!  These Michael Kors Earrings….perfect for day or night wear!  Personally, if I wore these, it would be the only piece of jewelry I’d wear from the neck up….just so they pop!

Tassel Drop $125

The look of perfection!  Fall season…let’s go!  I’d pair these with denim shorts since it’s not quite cool enough for long jeans just yet.





Dolce Vita Bronx Slip On



Here’s a peasant flowy top $146 by Karen Kane.  I’ve never worn this designer before so I’m not too sure how it would fit.  It’s also fun finding new designers for curvy girls!  Gives us more options and plenty of things to look forward to in the future.



Oh, hello there Jeffrey Campbell!  How cute are these?! The “Gabi” flat with tassels on the back….I’m sold!

$124 at Nordstrom


If seeing all those swinging tassels didn’t make you want something with a tassel…I’m so beyond sorry.  You’re going to have to get use to something hanging on you…it’s provocative.  Well, that’s all folks!!  Not that it was only a little bit!  It was tons of tassels for your tempted eyes!  Say that tongue twister five times fast!  Happy shopping!


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