Sugar Baby

I’m a fan of sugary sweets.  No substitutes can enter this bod.

That was dramatic!

Ok, I’m kidding (a little!)  I do love sweet snacks but you and I aka “WE” do need to pay attention to what’s going into our bodies.  The most effective way to do that, is to actually put good things into our bellies.

Belly, meet  KIND SNACKS.

I actually had this particular nut bar on accident lol go figure!  While waiting to pick up my car back in March, I was offered a snack (apparently I look kinda peaked to people if I haven’t eaten all day…who knew?!)  So, I took a bite, loved it and the rest is history!
Seriously, it takes a lot for me to actually like something that isn’t a peanut butter cookie or lemon bar sprinkled with powered sugar.  For me to like this nutty little thing means it has to be good!  Added bonus: IT IS FREAKING GOOD FOR YOU!
Check out their site and all the other goodies.  I’m on my way to grab a couple myself!

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