Tune in Thursday: Boblo Boat

We’re tuning in on Thursday instead of Tuesday today folks! I’m ready to bring in the weekend already!

But first, here’s a quick story…

As a kid from Detroit, I had LOTS of fun out and about at several places with friends. One of those places were Boblo Island, an amusement park (on a literal island) just down the Detroit River. Soooo many fond memories of riding on a river steamboat with family and friends to go have a crazy fun filled day at the park.

Photo via Boblo Boats: A Tale of Two Sisters  http://www.bobloboatsfilm.com/


See, the park wasn’t the ONLY fun part of the trip; you partied on your way there and definitely danced the night away on the way back. Maybe even snuck a kiss with the boy you were flirting with all day while the warm night breeze graced your skin.


Anywho, I mentioned that because today’s tune-in song is called “Boblo Boat” by Detroit rapper Royce da 5’9″ featuring J. Cole. The title alone brought back memories for me and I’m so glad he made a video for it! Directed by the KOD rapper himself, J. Cole.


The visuals of the video are great…not what I was expecting but still nice. Theme parks at night are always cool with the lights…made me feel like a kid again which is what the video is about. Being young and out having fun with friends and maybe getting into a little trouble but all worth it in the end.


So, what did you think?? Feeling the song? The video?