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Interior Design: Chic and Comfy Home Decor `The Balloon Chair`



Up Up and away (and sometimes down down and comfy!)



Some of you are aware of my obsession with interior design and home decor, more particularly…..chairs. Not sure why my eyes are drawn towards chairs (could be my lazy side *haha) but it’s been a while since I’ve noticed one that I absolutely WANT.


Last week, I was searching for a rug to put in my living room. Instead, I came across this awesome chair aptly named a “Balloon Chair” and it’s exactly what you’d think it is…..a chair in the shape of a hot air balloon!




Leonide Fabric Balloon Chair by Zentique Inc ~ $2,226.39 ~ Wayfair




This sent me on a search to find more of these cool chairs and here they are!



Balloon Chair in Metallic  ~ $3,495 ~ ModShop







Zebra Balloon Chair by Old Hickory Tannery  ~ $3,639 ~ Neiman Marcus








PM Continental Balloon Chair ~ $916.30 ~ HomeThangs








Blue Ming Balloon Chair by Massoud ~ $2,669 ~ Neiman Marcus







And of course I found a couple of balloon chairs in pink! I mean, it’s only one of my favorite colors!






Victoire Balloon Chair  ~ $1,675 ~ Fabulous and Baroque








Magenta Balloon Chair ~ $2,495 ~ ModShop




These chairs aren’t whimsical in a circus-like way but more of a sophisticated formal yet fun way. I’m imagining a dinner party with laughs and Louboutins while sipping on a sweet dessert champagne! I’d even make this the perfect office chair fit for a queen boss! Needless to say, I never found that rug I was looking for…back to the search.


Sit. Stay. Daykoor.

 IKEA really knows how to reel me in! It’s not that hard, just send me a catalog, I’ll look through EVERY page, and write a mental shopping list! Yea, I’m fairly easy to please. Normally, you guys see the chic and stylish chairs that I love so much like thisthis, and this but today, I’m in love with an ENTIRE sofa!







Of course it was the color that caught my eye first…it’s pink, that’s kind of a no-brainer!


Then very very very shortly after spying fuschia, I saw the functionality of this sofa. It’s a bed, storage area, and a couch…all-in-one! This made it absolutely irresistible! My next task will be heading down the road to the local IKEA to test the comfiness of this contraption (insert dramatic gasp, head shaking, sweating, and fist clinching.) If you’ve ever been inside an IKEA store, you know exactly what I mean. If you have yet to visit….I encourage you to bring: patience, a cell phone with emergency contacts, water, and comfortable shoes!


 Lastly, GRAB THE MAP at the entrance, seriously.