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A certain aspect of Curves And Coffee is lifestyle. Whatever that encompasses, I like to share with you guys. Over the years, I’ve tried to give a glimpse of my favorite home design items by the way of chairs. It’s weird, I know, but it’s something about chairs that just draw me in. Show me an awesome chair and I can design an entire room around it!

As you can tell, I dabble in home decor and interior design. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do. I love it so much that I actually took a few courses on the subject…see…LOVE! You can see more of what I love by checking out some of my past “Daykoor” favorites just by clicking ->H E R E<-

Another not-so-secret thing about me…

Since I was a kid, I have been infatuated with Disney (Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to be exact). The obsession is still around after all these years. When I was younger, my mom let me decorate my bedroom however I wanted. Of course, this meant there HAD to be some Disney magic sprinkled in there. Well, I went chic-ly overboard. Back then, we couldn’t find the perfect curtains so we shopped around and found a Disney shower curtain that was clear, added color blinds behind it and I had the most Disney-est window treatments in my childhood room. Added to that were Mickey & Minnie shaped rugs and a bed set to match.

Of course, now, I tend to keep my obsession to a minimum by having cute jewelry, a few pair of Vans x Disney shoes, and maybe a few throwback style tees and sweatshirts/hoodies. That means no more Minnie bed sheets these days, all sophistication around here. So I tell you all of this to share my excitement with a new home collection from Ethan Allen!

Total hysteria and love tears flowed when I got an email about a Disney home collection that’ll be available to purchase on November 18, 2016 (Mickey Mouse’s birthday!) There’s currently a presale with select items that you can purchase now and here are just a few of my faves, I mean, because…



Bravo Chair – $1,479ethanallen-mickey-mouse-otto

Mickey Pull-Up Ottoman – $359


Mickey Butterflies – $1,199




Perky as a Polka Dot II


Mickey Nailhead Pillow – $199


Ok, so that was the happy part of the Disney x Ethan Allen collection…here’s the not-so-happy part…did you SEE those prices?

Everything. Is. Priced. To. The. Max.

Like, I get it. Life is expensive but a Mickey themed accent pillow shouldn’t be $200! Picture a cartoon with its’ eyes bugging out…that’s me when I saw $1,500! I’d be more than happy with $50 because even fifty bucks is a lot for a pillow BUT if I really want it, I’m definitely gonna spend. Of course what I truly need from this fantastical furniture collection is that chair! That would look great in a bedroom sitting area or in a dressing room/walk-in closet.

This may make me take a trip to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and get crafting. Who’s with me?!

Let’s all get together and have a crafting session to come up with daykoor items that are fit for a Disney princess!

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