October Julep Maven Box

Ahhh, polish 🙂
It’s been awhile since I’ve actually accepted my Julep Maven monthly subscription. The colors in the boxes haven’t been very appealing to me. Then October happened. Not only did I accept my Maven box, I upgraded my subscription and included an add-on! Imagine that! This month features more darker and full coverage colors (I was mostly in need of darker fall tones) and came with a facial mask plus a dual eyeliner.
The theme for this month…
So, if you’re thinking about purchasing some nail polish goodies…here are the swatches for October. These aren’t the “cleanest” swatches since I’ll be taking the polish right off, don’t judge me 😉
Add-on is “Casper” a glow in the dark polish that can be worn alone or as a top coat over other colors.
You can’t really tell if there’s polish on the nail or not but trust me, it’s there. It also REALLY glows in the dark!! I tried to get a pic of it glowing but nothing came out on film. Total bummer but it glows bright green after some light of course.
The dual eyeliner is very soft and creamy…
Went on extremely smooth as I tested it on my wrist.
The brown has a slight shimmer but there’s no real way to tell on darker tone skin.
Bonus sharpener that catches the shavings = less mess!
Below are the stock photos and descriptions given by Julep.
Kendra: Army green frost   Ciara: Vampy magenta with teal microglitter  Missy: Titanium metallic
Valerie: Teal with iridescent microglitter   Cleopatra: Black latex crème
Winona: Buff greige creme   Anisa: Deep burgundy creme
Dahlia: Goldenrod microglitter     Stevie:  Concrete gray frost
Personally, I love this box. As a lover of bright and bold colors, my polish collection is kind of one sided at the moment. The “Rebel Set”  is just what I needed