Morning Linkage: Cup 22

It’s Friday! We made it!

This week…little hectic for yours truly.  Hope you guys had a good week! Can you BELIEVE Thanksgiving is next Thursday?! I.Am.Freaking.Out.  Seriously don’t have everything I need to cook.  Anywho, I’ll save all of those ramblings for next week…get your coffee and read the news! Remember, if you have a blog or site and want it to be listed in “Morning Linkage” just let me know 🙂


The Joys of Coconut Oil! ~ PixelBoo / StylishGeek

Malala Day! ~ Organised Clutter

Dose of Sports & Such! ~ A Good Sports Hang

News, Entertainment & Style

Channing Tatum….Sexiest Man Alive! ~ People

Patti Stanger has something to say about Mr. and Mrs. J. Timberlake! ~ Reality TV Magazine

No Comment: Jenny McClendon/ Masche from “Raising Sextuplets” is pregnant…..Again! ~ Imperfect Women

General Motors (GM) wants to have 500,000 electric vehicles by 2017! ~ Motor Trend

Guide to 30 Fashionable Men! ~ StyleCaster

Dump Trump or Up Trump?! ~ Fashionista