Splurge Vs. Steal on Back To School Backpacks

Back to school week continues! If you’re stylish fashionista like myself (you’re here so I’m going to go with…yes!) it’s hard trying to keep up with what’s in style versus what’s in your wallet. Today, that decision won’t be a hard one, especially with these backpacks! Backpacks are at the TOP of the “what’s trending list” and they aren’t just for students going back to school. They’re for everyone! I managed to find backpacks that are both functional and stylish for everyday use. Check the bags below (or after the jump) to pick out your fave!

back to school: backpacks

Can you believe a simple backpack is over $1,000?! I’ll never get use to seeing a price tag that high! As much as I absolutely love MCM (and have since 19xx….disregard that 😉 ) I can’t imagine paying the cost of a mortgage for a bag. Maybe one day when I’m uber rich and swimming in money but today? Nope!

Anywho… hope these help with your back to school shopping lists!