Celebrate July 4th with a…Bash! Bang! Boom!

It’s that time of year!! In just a few days we’ll bask in the glow of a night lit sky filled with fireworks and a day off! Whether you have plans to stay in town or take a nice vacation, you can have fun either way! The Fourth of July is always a fun time of year to spend time outdoors with family and friends (even for a person who’s allergic to grass and trees like me.) Whether you’re old or young, there’s something for everyone. I put together a list of the things you’ll need for the perfect July 4th and an awesome night. Ready? Let’s go!





Top 10 Things You Need For a Fun Fourth of July









You can have a little peace and quiet by yourself or you can turn up with your closest friends and do it big! (insert your mother speaking) Be responsible, don’t drink and drive and please for the love of God, wear sunscreen!






Swim by curvesandcoffee featuring a bandeau top


My curvy chicks…listen here! We’re sexy! We’re hot! We’re cute! There’s more to us than just our bubbly personalities and in 2013 swimwear makers are finally taking notice! Flaunt those curves!






Flip Flops


I don’t care who doesn’t like flip flops, they are the cutest and quickest way to get out of the house in the summer time. Thankfully, if you don’t like the rubber or foam flip flops, you can always opt for a more “grown-up” pair of sandals. Just make sure your toesies are done!!






Perfect Summer Hair



Because…if you have great hair, you’re bound to have a great day!! These hair ties and products are summer perfect! I have long, thick and curly hair…if you’re anything like me, hair is a hassle in the summer. So take your pick and style it up!





Sunnies, Sunglassess & Shades



Whether you call them sunglasses, sunnies, or shades…you’re gonna need them! Protect those eyes from the sun rays and sex up your daytime look while doing it!








If you have dark, deep, or fair skin, a bronzer will give you a glow no matter what. I personally use Bare Minerals products which work very well for my deeper tone. Treat yo’self and give your skin a sun kissed glow.





Beach & Pool



Beach & Pool Accessories seems like a no brainer but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten something important….like a towel! You can’t go to a pool party or the beach without a big soft towel. Be sure that it’s one you can wrap around you when you don’t want to “air dry”





BBQ Grillin'




No self respecting Fourth of July bash is complete without barbeque! Ladies, just in case there isn’t a sexy shirtless man around to grill up a kielbasa for you….you’re gonna need a grill of your own. Thankfully, we’re not in the stone age anymore and they actually make pretty stylish outdoor cookware these days…so stylish that you won’t need fire for some models!




Sweet Treats



I’d say this one is fairly self-explanatory 😉




(Use caution! Be safe! Have adult supervision!)




The big finale! End your night with a light show like no other!


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